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Not Work Safe – Very bad if someone sees you looking at this. :)

I have been wanting to do some regular feature that doesn’t take up a lot of time lately. Since my posting schedule varies for no particular reason the regular feature would have to be a quick and easy thing to do. So what will be the first of these? Tube Tuesday where every Tuesday (hopefully) I will throw up some random YouTube video I find, no matter the content. There are a lot of them so I don’t expect to run out anytime soon…unless the world explodes.

Since this is the first Tube Tuesday I will start it off with quite the tease. This video is meant for 18 years or older. Enjoy.

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I can’t believe it has been two years since I switched over to WordPress. Doesn’t seem like that long ago. Times have changed quite a bit since this time last year. Many changes to myself and the people around me, including some new additions.

Since this time last year I have graduated from high school and ventured off to college. A big change in my everyday life. Although with this change came more responsibilities and the biggest change, loss of old friends. There are a bunch of people I do not see anymore due to going to college or moving in general. It was pretty depressing once you get to thinking about it. You spend much of your time with them in school all those years only to have them go away. College brought a few new ones along the way, although not as strong as some of the high school ones. I have also met new people through other ways. Namely Tammi, Carter, and Ashlee. Even that crazy Canadian. All good pals with them. Last year I also had to deal with the death of my grandfather but as time went on I adjusted to the change, as hard as it was. Days, weeks, months, it all came and went. Now it is 2008. It’s pretty crazy.

Considering I’ve written the epic end of the year post just three months ago my memory juices are a bit low so I won’t be picking my top ten posts of the last year. Instead you get to see pretty stats and some search results that make me feel like the FBI will pound on my door in the near future.

Blog Stats

Total Views: 9,257

Best Day Ever: 98 — Monday, February 19, 2007


Posts: 967

Comments: 200

Categories: 22

Tags: 428


Akismet has protected your site from 11,292 spam comments.

And now the search results:

my brothe fucked me
fuck me hard brother
“couldn’t take my eyes off her”
i’m going to die to night
burn everything
i need to write my fucking essay
i sucked off my brother
fuck me brother
bottle fuck
fucking outside
girl butt exams
red fuck
shooting people with shit
motherfuckin snakes
outside porn
videos of people getting raped
oldest bitches
fuck room

Thanks you fucking strange internet people. Go the fuck outside.

2007 was a crazy year. Many things have happened and each moment had some form of meaning. From the surprises to the failures, it has been one hell of a year. So many new things in what seemed as such little time. Transitioning from a high school student to an adult in college. With so many things it is hard to choose a single place to begin, so lets look back and remember the past year.

Note: It is not my intention to offend anyone. I am just giving the details of events from my point of view or from what I remember.

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Oh and highly Not Work Safe.

America is proving that it can still do stupid things. What? First Amendment? What’s that? That world’s going in the shitter. Why? Because stupid things like this appear.

Student arrested for essay’s imaginary violence

POSTED: 2:19 p.m. EDT, April 27, 2007

Story Highlights

• High school senior wrote about shooting, stabbing, drugs, sex
• Class was told to write whatever came to mind, without censoring their thoughts
• Allen Lee says his essay exaggerated for creative effect and was “just junk”
• Lee, a straight-A student, charged with disorderly conduct; could get 30 days


Lucky him. Not only did he get arrested, but gets 30 days and has to pay $1500. Who knew writing essays about dreams was somewhat illegal. Let’s ban creative writing classes or maybe the entire English department altogether! Try and be creative now. No, not only do we abolish that but we must stop people from thinking! They will easily fall prey to the commands of our leaders. It will be glorious! No back-talking or criticism. Everyone will be the same and think the same. The perfect world!

Fuck that. Fuck this stupid era we live in where you get in trouble for just about anything and everything. You can’t censor thoughts so fuck you.

If I get arrested or something for this post, I’ll let you know.


One year. That’s how long it has been since this blog was created. We’ve shared some good memories. From the most batshit insane things to games that pissed me off to me wanting to choke a bitch. You’ve seen me at my high and low points. As we mark this great day in history I would like to look back at the past year, comment on things that have happened, check out some of the weird things that have accompanied the blog, and a look at the future of my oh-so-unique life. Are you ready?

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Fucking genius.

…the greatest, most awesome, just plain spectacular commercial ever made.

I look at what terms people use that somehow lead to this humble part of the web. You people are sick. Get fucking help. Seriously.

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I got your fucking Oscar right here:

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