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Monthly Archives: June 2007

I know I’ve been lacking with decent blog entries these days. There just hasn’t been noteworthy things happening as of late.

Although I did go see Live Free or Die Hard. It was pretty awesome.


Who knew Bible’s exploded…amazing.

I seem to lack my creative title making skill today. Oh well.

The funeral for my grandpa was yesterday. It went by pretty fast although I zoned out most of the religious stuff considering I don’t really give a crap about religion. After the funeral there was a remembrance party or some such event. Most of the people went to it and I did my best to avoid talking to people (but it didn’t really go as planned for some). My cousins annoyed the living hell out of me so I mainly kept away from them. The party ended up being longer than I expected and I got bored. When we got home I just ate and did my usual stuff. Then I went to bed.

I’ll most likely be home all day today. Tomorrow is in question, but I am going to a post-July 4th party on July 6th (don’t ask). So it looks like my schedule is open for anything. I’ll do my best to try and make it out and see Live Free and Die Hard along with Transformers. That is for certain.

It has been a tough last few days. My grandpa (from my mom’s side) died Wednesday morning. It happened around 5am. At about 6am I was still sleeping in bed when my phone rang and it was my dad. He told me the news and said to get ready so I could see his body before it is removed. We got over there around 6:30am or so and walked to my grandparents room (assisted living place). I walk in first and notice my mom and my grandma on the phone talking to people. They noticed that we walked in and I hugged them. Then I went in and saw my grandpa’s body. I had no idea what to think. It was like my mind shutdown on me. After a minute or so I turned around and sat on the couch. I ended up falling asleep. I awoke to find my brother, the good aunt, her boyfriend, and one of my cousins in the room. Cries and tears later the people came to take the body. I stood outside the room while they put my grandpa’s body on the gurney. They put a white cloth over him and wheeled him out. Everyone followed except for me. I sat on the chair outside the room and told my dad I would follow in a second. Instead the emotions I kept inside hit me and I went into the bathroom and broke down. As everyone came back they found me.

I ended up going back home and my parents went to take care of things for the funeral services. That is pretty much how it has been since then. Now the funeral is tomorrow. It will be tough.

My mind needs to be on a vacation.

My summer is off to a horrible start. :(

[22:05] flarpo101: yeah you have the post-grad bug
[22:05] nfxfsxwarx: bunch of shit going on my side
[22:05] flarpo101: liikie
[22:05] nfxfsxwarx: emo about school, no one was fucking home, grandpa dying, been left home alone for 6 out of the last 9 days, fending for myself
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: it has sucked
[22:06] flarpo101: eeeesh… gotta get out man
[22:06] flarpo101: we’ll hang this week aight
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: let me rephrase that
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: grandpa is dying
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: not dead yet
[22:06] flarpo101: yeah i figured

These last few weeks have been a perfect example of how all things, no matter what it may be, end. From school to life. There is no stopping this fate. From the beginning everyone knew school was just a period of life lasting many years. Now that I think about it and look back I miss it. The days of standing around at lunch with friends or finding ways to entertain myself in class. It is never coming back, or, as the System of a Down’s Highway Song says, “Our days are never coming back.” Now school wasn’t the only thing to end for me. The Thursday before the final week of school my relationship with Jennifer ended. It was quite a bit to take in. The following day was the senior trip to Great America. I mainly kept the news to myself but let a select few in on the situation. I knew it would end eventually but was not quite sure when. Now it seems I am entering a new relationship. I put the thoughts of the bad possibilities in the back of my mind. They are not wanted. But as with everything, it will not last.

The next great “End” to hit, and will very soon, is the death of my grandpa. Everyday comes news that he will not last very long (and the number of days/weeks vary). What is certain is that the clock is winding down. It will be another hurdle to work through. All I can do is try to overcome it and think about the uncertain future, well, not too uncertain.

Maybe I’m just a bit emo tonight.

My DVD comes tomorrow. \m/

I had a good weekend. The party was fun. Played tons of games followed by tons of fooling around. Good stuff. A bit tired though. Three hours of sleep isn’t much.

As for tomorrow I plan on continuing to finish Gundam Wing and then play some Forza 2 or something. Then my DVDs come Tuesday. Fuck yes.