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Most of the time I laugh at news stories about people who are addicted to things that don’t even exist. Like the countless Chinese or Korean people who play Starcraft or World of Warcraft until they die. Today I realized that I myself have a web addiction, or so it seems.

Today started as a regular day with me checking our “Shackariam” IRC. Dubbed so to elude spies from figuring out what we are planning on a web based game. Anyway, I go check the Shack (Shacknews) and I load up the latest chatty. After doing so I go back to the IRC for a little bit. Everything is good and dandy. After my shower I come back to load the Shack again only to find the website not responding. Puzzled I quickly go to the IRC to dispel the thought of it being just me. It seems that the site is down for everyone. The usual jokes come up as I expected. I get into the mindset that all should be well after class.

After class I come home and the site is still down. Everyone in the IRC by now is aware and waits to for it to come back. I get bored because I go there to entertain myself and chat but since I can’t I have nothing to do. Hours later I find myself napping. Now I am tired as hell, headache included, and the Shack is still not back. This is the longest downtime since the great server crash of years past that I can remember, although Tammi tells me there was one last summer but the memory eludes me.

I pray that all is well tomorrow. I need my Shack.

Not much to talk about today. Just that I killed a guy with a plane by ramming him and surviving the impact to kill another. That’s hardcore.

Following some simple steps taken from a post at Shacknews, I made up an album cover.

The rules were the following:


Obviously you have to experiment to achieve success. Here are some of my attempts:


For fonts, I went here:

In the end I came up with this:

You can see what other people made here and here.

2007 was a crazy year. Many things have happened and each moment had some form of meaning. From the surprises to the failures, it has been one hell of a year. So many new things in what seemed as such little time. Transitioning from a high school student to an adult in college. With so many things it is hard to choose a single place to begin, so lets look back and remember the past year.

Note: It is not my intention to offend anyone. I am just giving the details of events from my point of view or from what I remember.

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