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I can’t believe it has been two years since I switched over to WordPress. Doesn’t seem like that long ago. Times have changed quite a bit since this time last year. Many changes to myself and the people around me, including some new additions.

Since this time last year I have graduated from high school and ventured off to college. A big change in my everyday life. Although with this change came more responsibilities and the biggest change, loss of old friends. There are a bunch of people I do not see anymore due to going to college or moving in general. It was pretty depressing once you get to thinking about it. You spend much of your time with them in school all those years only to have them go away. College brought a few new ones along the way, although not as strong as some of the high school ones. I have also met new people through other ways. Namely Tammi, Carter, and Ashlee. Even that crazy Canadian. All good pals with them. Last year I also had to deal with the death of my grandfather but as time went on I adjusted to the change, as hard as it was. Days, weeks, months, it all came and went. Now it is 2008. It’s pretty crazy.

Considering I’ve written the epic end of the year post just three months ago my memory juices are a bit low so I won’t be picking my top ten posts of the last year. Instead you get to see pretty stats and some search results that make me feel like the FBI will pound on my door in the near future.

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And now the search results:

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Thanks you fucking strange internet people. Go the fuck outside.


2007 was a crazy year. Many things have happened and each moment had some form of meaning. From the surprises to the failures, it has been one hell of a year. So many new things in what seemed as such little time. Transitioning from a high school student to an adult in college. With so many things it is hard to choose a single place to begin, so lets look back and remember the past year.

Note: It is not my intention to offend anyone. I am just giving the details of events from my point of view or from what I remember.

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Considering the fact that I haven’t posted a decent sized post in quite some time (off the top of my head, I think the last time was the 3rd of this month), I’ve decided to sum up last week to give you a recap of one pretty random week.

Monday was the average slow day. Economics went by slow as fuck and afterwards I went home and stayed there until it was time head down to math. The math teacher decided to teach ahead so we learned new crap. After school I went home and relaxed until my Monday shows were on. Chuck was funny as always and Heroes was the usual. Slow start but an interesting ending.

Tuesday came around and I woke up at the normal time and everything to head down to English. I got there about fifteen minutes before the start of class so I did some homework in my car for ten minutes. Once it hit 9:25am I headed over to the class only to find out it was canceled for the day. That was the official start to the week of suck. So I headed back to my car and went home as I was not going to wait there for two hours until math. Fast-forward a bit and I was sitting in math class, bored as fuck, learning useless shit. After math I burned up time in the math lab rushing through the homework that was due the next day. When that was all said and done I read the Zombie Survival Guide since I never finished it. Once 3pm came around I headed towards my counseling class. Pretty average stuff. Lecture about the big project that I really need to start sometime soon. Then he told us at the end of class that Thursday class is off so we don’t have to come. After I got home I headed over to Andrew’s house to hang out. We discussed plans to head down to Bakersfield for the weekend to visit a certain friend. I told him I would have to pass this by my parents because they’re the fucking SS. He told me OK so I went home around 1 or 2am.

After getting a few hours of sleep I woke up and got my ass ready for my economics class. I haul ass to get there as usual and sit in my car as I wait. I noticed a few people from my class walking up and then turning back. I thought to myself “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” As I got to the door I noticed a sign saying that the class was canceled for the day. What the fuck? Seriously. So I got back home and wait for math. I wasn’t able to get a word in with my parents about our supposed trip during that time and headed off to math. We took the third math test which only took me about thirty minutes. Then I was off once again. Waste of a day. Once I got home I waited for the right moment to corner my mom about the trip. I told her we were going to go down to Bakersfield to see some friends for the weekend. Then she started asking me all these questions and said she was doing it because my dad would be doing the same thing when I would have to tell him. For the brief chat with my mom it seemed like I had permission from her, but I wasn’t prepared to talk to my dad. I called up Andrew and told him that I got some support for the trip but I was in danger of being denied. Then he told me that he hasn’t even asked his mom yet. “Fuck” popped into mind. After the call I just took refuge in my room for the rest of the night as my mom talked to my dad and such. She somehow convinced him that it would be fine and I’m old enough to do partly what I want or some such nonsense. As I waited and waited to hear back from Andrew I ended up taking a well deserved power nap. When I came to I saw him online and messaged him. He told me that it was a no-go. I wasn’t in the mood to tell my parents that so I just let them assume it was still on for the rest of the day.

Before school Thursday morning my mom walked by and I told her it was off for now. She said OK. I went on with my day and went to English where we got our essays back. I actually got a B- which is better than the bullshit C- I got last time. Then we went over some worksheet for the rest of the time. The blonde girl I’ve had my eyes on kept looking over at me since the teacher moved me up to “join the group.” That made my day seem better. Once that bullshit was over I burned up more time in the math lab but instead of math I started World War Z. Once I hit the time I was aiming for I booked it and left. Math class went by fairly smooth. I actually stayed awake for once. Surprise, surprise. Since the counseling class was canceled I headed home. When I got there my mom handed me Ace Combat 6 as I asked her to go get it (I somehow convinced her it would be part of the Christmas/Birthday present bullshit I have to deal with). I noticed my brother was playing Guitar Hero II on the 360. I told him he was an idiot because he already has it for the PS2 and Guitar Hero III is coming out on Tuesday. Dumbass. He also ended up getting Skate because it was his birthday. Whatever. I ended up having to wait until about 4pm to be able to actually play. Then I had to get off at 5pm so my dad could watch the World Series. Lame.

I woke up and had to sit through the bullshit of my mom watching her pre-recored crap before I could play more AC6. It took about three fucking hours. Around noon I took a break and did other things while my brother played his games. Then I got back on around 6pm. Sometime around there Andrew and Christina came by and wanted to borrow some of my DVDs to watch. He wanted to show her the Ghost in the Shell movies (the ones not related to Stand Alone Complex). I ended up going over to his house and watched both with them. There is an entire “subplot” if you will to this, but I don’t feel like going into detail about it as it is still ongoing. After all that I went home around 12am and messaged a certain someone.

Now for yesterday. Ace Combat 6 was finished in the morning and I started a continue campaign on Hard so I could unlock the superjet. Then I did other things to round out the day. I got a message at about 7pm that Andrew wanted a few of us to play Halo 3 after he did somethings, which shouldn’t take long. Our mutual friend and myself did a few warm-up rounds as we waited. After about an hour we messaged Andrew to see what was up but got no answer. Hours went by and we just continued on. Aggravation sounds pretty good to sum it all up. Then around midnight he popped on and made it look like nothing. I ended up playing on two or three more rounds and then got off for the night. I was Haloed out after 6 hours.

As for today, it’s been slow and nothing major has happened. All I really have to do today, or what is left of this day, is to finish up some work for this week. I’m waiting to hear if our economics test is going to be pushed off until the next week so I don’t have to worry with that “missing” class we had.

Also, I am awaiting for the “subplot” to come to an end.

I was over at the DMV earlier today to transfer ownership over to myself on my car when I was reminded that I could order my custom plate. My plan is to use my username as the plate number so I filled out the form. The lady looks at it after I hand it over and asks me what the fuck it means. Now it is a super big secret since I want everyone to be confused in the first place. Anyway, after I made some bullshit about what it means she told me that the SX part can be confused with SEX. Now, that is not what I had in mind when making the screen name, so they must have a dirty mind. So I had to do a little more clarification to get her to accept it. With that taken care of it is off to the state to decided if I get my super sexy custom plate. They better accept it, I gave them $41!

On another note, I sold a bunch of my old PS2 and Xbox games. Sadly I only made $40.

Haven’t posted in two whole days. Oh my.

Wednesday I stayed home and did my usual shit that I do. Nothing special. Just the same old shit.

Yesterday (Thursday) I woke up home alone because my mom took my brother to church for a reason I’m not quite sure about. So I spend most of the day alone until my dad got home. After that I took a shower and got ready because I was going to Andrew’s house for the night. First I had to go to the store first and pick up the new Civilization IV expansion, Beyond the Sword. The first store I hit up was Target. They didn’t have it. Then I went to Wal-Mart. They didn’t have it. By then I was annoyed. So I headed over the freeway and went to Best Buy. Finally they had it so I purchased it and called up Christina because I couldn’t get a hold of Andrew earlier. I decided to drive over to Andrew’s house to see what was up. When I got there I called Christina to tell her what I noticed. His car was there but the only person at the house was his sister. She told me that he was out so I decided to pick up Christina. I drove to her house that is about 15 minutes down the freeway and picked her up. We talked on the way back to town and decided to hit up Blockbuster for a movie to watch when Andrew gets back. It ended up we couldn’t rent a movie because neither of us had a Blockbuster card so we then walked over to Baskin Robins and I treated Christina to a scoop of ice cream. I had Bubblegum while she had Orange Sherbert. Then we headed to the park near Andrew’s house while we waited. It was fully dark by then and pretty windy. We stayed there for a bit and then drove to Andrew’s where we only had to wait about 10 minutes for him finally to get home. All three of us ended up going to Blockbuster to finally rent the movie which we watched. It was Dead Silence or something like that. Lame movie but Christina got pretty scared which led to fingernail cuts on my hand. Then Andrew played my copy of The Darkness before we all crashed at around 3am.

I woke up this morning before any of them did. As time passed they woke up and I played the Playstation 2. Christina had to get ready to go to work and Andrew’s grandmother was going to take him shopping for clothes. So we all got ready and Andrew left first while I waited for Christina. Then both of us left and I drove her to the visitor’s area of the air force base where I dropped her off to get to work. After that I got home and played the Civilization expansion. My parents came home about an hour after I did and then we were off to the store. We dropped my brother off at work and then went to Pet Smart for some cat crap (not literally). The next stop was Sam’s Club where we picked up some things. The entire time I was there the shopping cart was the devil. Seriously. Every time I reached to touch it I got a nice big shock and it got progressively worse each time until I said fuck it. What the hell did I do to deserve it? My mom said I was being a dick and it was God getting mad at me or some shit. Yeah, whatever.

Now I am home and about to load up some more hot ‘n’ sexy Civ action. Time for my American Empire to conquer the fucking cheap ass Germans.

I did some changing of categories (yes, again, no, I’m not fixing old posts). I changed Home Life to just Life. Home Life just sounded weird to begin with and didn’t cover outside stuff. I also created one called Family. Guess what it is for. Lastly I split Gaming up by system so now you will see Gaming and three separate sub-categories: PS2, Xbox 360, and PC.

Oh, and my 360 comes back Wednesday! YAY!

I let them play one of my games on the PS2 and my brother ended up kicking both their asses and rubbing it in their faces (how they are his friends is unknown to me when he treats them like that). So I decided to go the next round against him with my uber-bots (we were playing Red Faction 2 and I beefed up a few bots so I had an uber-team). My brother protests and his friends decide to go. I showed them who’s boss. :)

My brother brought home two of his goons today and they are downstairs playing the Playstation 2. I just might have to school them.