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Monthly Archives: February 2007


I found out how to be Nod in the C&C3 demo. You have been warned! :)

Only in America…

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is going to own. The demo is great from what I have played. Now if only Nod was playable. :(

GDI are too goody-goody for me. I want Kane and his antics.

I look at what terms people use that somehow lead to this humble part of the web. You people are sick. Get fucking help. Seriously.

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I got your fucking Oscar right here:

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Too much work to do today. Stupid teachers. I blame them all. Maybe I’ll continue to die in FarCry once I get finished up. That should be Hell fun.

I was a dressed up today. Not that I wanted to, but I was going on a field trip to the Cisco headquarters for the United States in San Jose. I was picked up by a friend and we headed to get another. Before we made it to the meeting area we stopped by the gas station and got some food. Then we drove across the street to meet everyone at the bus. We were one of the last people to arrive. Once we got seated the bus drove off. I knew it was going to take a long time to get there, and it did. Traffic slowed us down. I mainly listened to my iPod and then fell asleep. When we finally arrived it took us about two hours. We arrived at building 9 of the campus (there is like a bazillion buildings there that span many square miles). We sat in a conference room waiting for the other schools to show up. It took another 45 minutes to start. We listened to some lady speak about how happy we should be to be there and stuff like that, PowerPoint and all. You would think Cisco would be cool enough to have Vista but no, they had XP. Losers. Then they separated us into groups for different tours. We got in the tour for the “Concept Development” lab. So we had to walk past the executive offices and many other buildings to get there. Once we were there we meet our guide who ended up to be some Russian guy. He took us in another room and talked to us. Then he showed us some racks. No, not those kind of racks. Cisco racks. They had a super router that was as big as a fucking freezer. It was pretty cool. After a brief tour of that we went back to the previous room for a Q&A session. Many nerdy questions were asked. Then my Cisco teacher owned them by saying that they buy out whatever they can’t make. Laughs followed. Then when we left he said that he left something in the room and went back. We joked that Cisco was going to kidnap him. They didn’t. When we got back to the original building the President of Cisco was talking. He looked like fucking Steve Jobs. Lots of things were discussed like we can make $95,000 a year as a started there. Fucking sweet. Too bad their interview system is nuts from what we heard. Then they fed us and talked some more. When it was just about over and people were leaving they told us to get shirts. I grabbed one and the others grabbed a bunch. Apparently we could take as many things as we wanted to. So everyone grabbed what they could. Fun. After all that we left again. Everyone from our school fell asleep while the others talked. Fucking uncomfortable bus.

That’s about it story-wise, but now I have a few pics.

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Going deeper into FarCry is no simple task. On one hand it is a blazing fast action game and on the other, a terrifying ordeal with things that will make you shit your pants. A single shot can take you out from a mile away. Horror takes the shape of a beast created by mutation. Everything is against you. All for nothing you go in with guns blazing. Death is the only end to your journey. Can it get any worse? Hell yes it can. Realizing your mistakes mean you just leased your life to the death dealer. In a blink of an eye, you see your foe slashing your beaten body. Scary? Think before you act. Instinct is key. Nothing is predictable on these islands. Adventure awaits.

This probably looks odd. Either I’ve gone insane or something else. Looking in the mind says nothing. Looking at the world shows insanity. Hell is near. Eternal damnation is your life style. Realize what is real and what is fake.

After watching The Prestige tonight (great movie by the way) I noticed and remember some of the unexplained things that have happened recently. Hell, today alone I recieved two calls on my cell phone that I could not answer (school for the first one and was watching the movie during second). I matched one number to San Jose and then other is in town. No clue who the people are or why they would call me. Plus they left no message. The other odd things are somewhat closer. From random messages to the way people have been acting. I can’t seem to explain it. What could possibly be going on and for what purpose?

Or am I just going insane?