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Monthly Archives: December 2006

2006 was an interesting year. Laughing, crying, pain, anger, accidents, surprises, thumping, bumping, crashing, disasters, you name it, it happened. What were the good and bad things that I noticed this year? Well, let’s start with the good things.

#5 – Getting my permit

My parents finally allowed me to get my permit (after having to wait for a few years) in July. Two weekends of classes and I owned the driving school and their mindless tests. I really didn’t learn anything new during those longs class days but some of it was interesting to keep in mind in the future. The videos were no help at all, just something to laugh at. Yes, I laughed at videos of people dying. So sue me. About two weeks after the classes I took my permit test. It was an overcast morning but I passed the test with only three wrong. Picture taken, signature written, and permit printed. I was ready to roll. I ended up doing one lesson (so far) and as of yesterday I can officially go and get my license test (if parents let me even though I am old enough). Parents suck, but that is another issue all by itself.

#4 – Company of Heroes

You are probably wondering why this made it on my good list of things that happened in 2006. Well, it is a fucking awesome game. You don’t think so? Fuck you. Nothing kicks more ass than seeing the Allies and Axis go at it in an awesome graphics engine with amazing physics and shit exploding all around. Infantry, tanks, planes, it’s all good. Sick of World War II games? Fuck you. This game has redefined the Real Time Strategy genre for years to come. Relic knows how to make awesome games. First Homeworld, then Dawn of War, and now Company of Heroes. Can they get any better? Hell yes. They have my full support and will continue to earn my money because they are awesome.

#3 – Bakersfield

Now some of you might have the idea that this should be higher on my list, well I didn’t think it deserved that high. I may have had some “up close and personal” moments, but that doesn’t justify being higher. Anyway, I need to get to the other points of this. Bakersfield showed me that I shouldn’t be stupid with money (yes, I’m looking at you Mr. $69K boat). My company in Virtual Enterprise also learned that we have some interesting competitors and that we will need to be prepared in time for the next trade fair. There were also some non-VE moments that made me laugh. The elevator incident, the nasty pizza combos, winning the jackpot at some coin drop, parachute soldiers, and that “personal” moment. Good times. This makes me look forward to Oakland in March. Hopefully they never send me an invoice for that boat.

#2 – Final year of school (sort of)

Senior year. The year of dreams, or something. It is my final year of high school. The journey has been long but it is coming towards an end. Finally. This year seems to be going by quickly. Faster than usual. I keep thinking that the last day is just about here and everyone will be going their separate ways. Scary thought. College is just around the corner too. I hope to get into the local community college for courses in computers and other technology. I also plan to take the A+ Certification test. With those I should be able to land a fairly good paying job. By the end of this school year I want to have some good times with friends and such. I want this school year to end with a bang (okay, maybe not so much a “real” bang if you know what I mean).

#1 -Turning 18

I may have only turned 18 a few days ago, but it is the best thing to happen all year. So many opportunities are now open to me. I can legally vote, drive without restrictions, have access to more job opportunities, and a lot more crap. With this new horizon of goodies also comes the fact of responsibility, something I am not too fond of. My parents will force me to be more independent and not rely on them, which in turn should make things interesting. Turning 18 also makes me feel more like an adult so I should probably push myself towards the mature side. Or should I? Fuck it. I like being a prick.

Now for the things that piss me the fuck off about this last year.

#5 – No job

You would think that I would have a job by now. Nope. I applied at half a dozen different places and not one called back or acknowledged me. What the fuck is up with that? So now I listen to everyone talking about how they have money, my brother is a bitch and laughs like a little schoolgirl whore, and my parents bitch and moan to me because I don’t have one. I’m working on it fuckers! Hopefully I can snag one before summer.

#4 – Bad choices

I make bad choices too often. I regret what I do almost everyday. It is something that cannot be easily fixed no matter how hard I try. The outcome usually sucks harder than a vacuum to a dust bunny. These choices often leave me with very little ease in life. I also end up having people hate me more or losing out on something. My idea on fixing this is to think things through next time and not make quick decisions. Knowing me, I’ll fuck it up for a long time. But hey, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

#3 – Getting too old for this shit

There are somethings that I still do that don’t add up well with my age. I do a lot of stupid stuff. Hell, beyond stupid. I feel I need to mature a bit, or a lot, whatever. In the next year I hope to lose some traits and gain “better” ones. Will it work? I hope so. If not? Gun please. Now, I won’t tell you what things I am talking about. Why you ask? Well, some things don’t need to be said. No, they’re not that bad. Sick fucks.

#2 – Hating of goths

This is just something that has boiled my skin this year. It almost made #1, but the actual #1 is worse. Numerous times this year my choice of women have come under attack from people. Everyone has their preference so why can’t I? “Because it is sick and you need help,” says some. Fuck you. I don’t tell you how to run your life (although I wouldn’t mind). People can choose what they want to be, so if you don’t like it, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! OK, I’ll admit that some go way, way overboard, but they choose to, so whatever. One last thing about this, I use the term very loosely. Someone may or may not be true “goth” but I still use it. Don’t like it? Go jump a bridge.

#1 – Family

You knew it was bound to be on the list after these last few weeks. Well here it is. The #1 thing I hated this year is my family, mainly my mom’s side. There are two main reasons why I hate my mom’s side of the family. The first is my grandpa and grandma (her dad and mom). My grandpa had a stroke a few years back and has a hard time these days and my grandma is frail and can’t do anything but bitch. I can’t stand being around them (yes I know it make me look like an asshole, but you’d want to kill yourself too near them). I also hate taking care of them. My mom will tell me we are going somewhere and then drop me off at their place to take care of them while she goes of and does something else. I don’t even get a choice. Then she always says that my grandpa “won’t be around for too much longer so you have to see him more.” I’ve heard this for the last three years. Enough of that “old” issue. Now to the second point, my aunt (one of the three). One of my aunts is in a martial dispute with her husband (some Eastern European jerk-off) and for the last few years has tried to divorce. She is still working through the process but has a restraining order against him since he was abusive. Yes, that is a good thing I’ll admit, but I haven’t gotten to the annoying part. Since they are separated and in an ongoing court battle their kids (ages 16 and 14 IIRC) are stuck in the middle. The oldest bitches and moans too much while the youngest has ADD and just goes nuts. Sound fun yet? Anyway, my mom and aunt accuse the husband (technically my uncle, but I don’t call him it) of “brainwashing” the kids to stay with him and his parents. Right. So just about everyday my mom talks to my aunt and then feels like everyone needs to know every fucking word they said to my dad, brother, and myself. I could care fucking less. I do not want my day wasted by hearing this useless piece of information. I tell my mom this but she thinks it is fucking super-duper important. Then I get called an asshole because apparently I should be caring about family and helping them and blah fucking blah. Handle shit on your own people. This is why I like my dad’s side of the family. Why you ask? Because they all live far, far away and I don’t really know any of them. It’s a win-win.

That’s about it. I could have made both lists longer but I kept it short and sweet. Leave me your comments so I can mock you.


Worried about me? Scared because I haven’t posted in two whole days? No? Fuck you. :)

Anyway, I have been busy the last two days. Mainly shopping, for myself. On Friday I bought Sid Meier’s Railroads. The game is fucking addictive. Buying and selling stocks, planning routes, fun shit. Yesterday I got Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Special Edition on DVD to finish off the set, Black for the Xbox (BC on 360 of course), Knights of the Nine (mini-expansion for Oblivion), and a 1GB U3 Flash Drive. The flash drive crashes my computer though for whatever reason, so I get to figure out how to fix it or return it. I check the site for the software and they said I might have a conflict. Later today I hope to find out which program is giving it shit and nuke it.

My end of the year post should be done later tonight, so expect it then. As for my plans for this evening, I have none. I’ll probably be all alone. So if you are cool and all, IM me, send naked pics (girls plz), or something cool.

You’re cool, right?

My mom just bitched at me for eating her candy. The candy in question has been laying around in the same spot for the last few days. It didn’t seem like anyone cared for it, so I ate it. Now I am in trouble for eating it. What the fuck. If you don’t want people eating your stuff, either eat it or put it where I can’t find it. Fucker.

I may be 3-0 in the 2006 for Madden, but barely. I can’t play defense for shit. Luckily my offensive game just goes on all pistons. 500+ passing yards a game, ~100+ rushing yards, 5+ touchdowns, and other insane stats. My passing game is air tight. Throw deep and run for the TD. Works three out of four times. Need to waste the clock? No problem. Rush like a mad man. I just need to work on stopping the opponents running game and preventing stupid penalties which hurt me hard.

As for other happenings, nothing really happened today. Just sat back and relaxed. I managed to finish up Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex season 2. The last six episodes were awesome. You thought something was going to happen but they trick you and something totally different goes into effect. Great shit. Now I got to wait for the Stand Alone Complex movie to get in the States so I can see it.

I am working on getting that end of the year post done. I feel that some things need to be changed because some of my arguements have a few holes in them. Should have it up when I originally planned. Also, I plan on adding some new content pages. Not sure with what quite yet, but expect it to be unexpected.

This morning I played just about 4-5 hours of Madden. Finished up my preseason with a 4-0 record. Time for the real deal. First game is my Niners at Arizona (we lost this game in real life, but I hope to change that). I found it insane that Madden lets you play Franchise for up to 30 years. That makes me happy, but there are some things I dread in the game. NFL 2K5 was much more simplified.

As for my year in review thing, I’m working on a draft of it. I’ll probably post it on New Years Eve or maybe sooner.

Welp, today was my birfday and all. I went to the storez and bought me Madden 07 cause I needz my footballz and allz. Then I had some Jack in da Box. Then I played some footzballz with my Ninerz and thenz I went out for dinner and had lotz of foodz. Itz was okz. Anywayz, know I am gonna relaxors and watch some TV.

Nightz yo.

We get over to my grandparents place at around 2pm and wait for one of my aunts to arrive. I fell asleep because I didn’t feel like being social. When I woke up my aunt was there and we headed to the dining area. My grandpa needed to go to the bathroom (why he didn’t go before hand is beyond me), so I had to lead him there. Five minutes later we get out and head to the table where my dad was setting up the camera because he wanted a bunch of “family” pictures. I avoided every single one even when he used his remote to take them. I said nothing during this super early dinner while everyone else talked. Oh, and what did we eat on this holiday where food is supposed to be vast and yummy, sandwiches. FUCKING SANDWICHES! What the fuck. Worst Christmas “Dinner” ever. So after that bullshit we headed back and opened presents. Let’s see, $20, $20, $20, $50, $50, and a fucking coin. OH BOY! Creative, I know. Someone give me more than that. Fuck. I am turning 18, I deserve better for surviving this torment. But no, I get the long end of the stick as usual. Then my parents play Uno with my grandparents. One game lasted two hours. In that time I had to drown my sorrows with a “few” glasses of alcohol. Hey, I needed it, so fuck off. That didn’t work so I just listened to my iPod until it was time to go. Once we got home my parents argued and I just went off on my own.


One last thing I should say, I will be making a super post in the next few days where I am going to reveal the 5 best things and 5 worst things to happen in 2006 for me. Should make you like/hate me more.

Today is partly going to suck. It may be Christmas, but I got to spend it with family. Kill me please.

Merry fucking Christmas.

I got a letter in the mail today from my uncle for my birthday. My first thought was “Great, what POS did he give me this time?” He already gave me a SwissCard Lite thing which is basically a dumbed down pocket knife shaped like a credit card as my Christmas present. So I open the thing and a card falls out. I flip it open and I see a check. I take the check and drop the card again. The amount of cash I just received shocked me a bit. $375. Apparently he saved a little bit of money every year and now has given it to me since I turn 18 on Tuesday. Sweet.

Earlier today I went to the mall and used some gift cards that I already got. I picked up all seven volumes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex season 2. Should be kickass since season 1 fucking owned. I also plan to get some new speakers for my PC so I can rock out and listen to people die in surround sound. Nothing like the scream of pain.

Tomorrow my parents are dragging me out to visit people and tell them Merry Christmas. We could call them, which is logically easier, but my mom is all tradition and not technical. Some of the people I don’t even know well so I see no reason for me to go, but as luck has it, I have no choice in the matter. On Christmas day I have to go spend “quality time” with my grandparents. I’m guessing it is going to suck. And for my birthday, drum roll please, we aren’t doing anything. Seriously. My dad has work, my mom doesn’t do anything over-the-top special, and my brother is just a dick. Got to love fucking holidays. I know I don’t.

Today is the last day of school for the year. Shouldn’t be too hard or long. Hopfeully I don’t get any projects to do over break, mainly because I won’t do them. The only thing I have to worry about is finals once the break is over.

Finals = The Suck