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The string of dreams that have given me the big ol’ “WTF” feeling in the morning have continued the last few days. These new dreams have been increasing in number every night and have become more insane in terms of content. I really can’t put it together to make sense. I won’t even bother describing some of them because they are just out there. It is killing my sleep schedule and causing me to wake up every hour or so. I keep trying to stay awake during classes and even while driving. If it continues into the weekend I am going to see about getting some meds or something. Anything to stop this cycle. I can’t handle it anymore.

As for school, in math yesterday we had a test. I probably did horrible. All I ask for is a C at best. I really hate the class and teacher. Although over the last week or so I have gotten to know a few people a bit better in the class so we often make jokes and comment about each other. As for today we had a debate in English. The first debate was the pros and cons of gun control. I found myself in the group who were tasked with the cons. Since the group was me and two girls I had to hold it up pretty much on my own. I defended and countered arguments until the debate was over. The teacher declared both groups equal and we moved on to the next debate. In this debate, about the pros and cons of patriotism, I was a spectator. Both groups fought hard but in the end seemed equal. The teacher asked the rest of us if there was anything else they could have used. I spoke up and mentioned something which seemed to catch the teacher’s attention. Bonus points for me.

Now I am just waiting for the old folks to get the fuck off the TV so I can play some Mass Effect.


My sleeping has been shitty the last few days but last night was the worst by far. I couldn’t crash when I attempted to go to sleep at midnight. Instead I tested something with my camera which burned an hour (visit my DeviantArt page to see the results). Pretty much every hour after that I kept waking up. I eventually said fuck it and got out of bed around 7am. I hope I’m not like this tonight/tomorrow or school is going to own my soul.

As for school my grades finally were uploaded. Career planning got an A, math had a B, and economics, which I was worried about, got a C. The English class was given full credit. So I passed all my classes and got the full amount of units that I took last semester. My GPA is currently a 3.0. Now all I need to do is maintain that and I should be good.

The Digg theme didn’t last long, so now I’m going with this minimalist theme for now. You might have also noticed a change in the name of the blog. Might not be permanent but nothing ever is.

As for today, it was a bit interesting. The day started as any other Tuesday or Thursday starts. Bored as hell in English class. We just discussed our topics for our new essays that are due next Tuesday. The teacher (I refuse to use the term professor) slammed my rough draft without reading it. She asked me what it was about so I gave her the brief overview of my already written rough draft. As I explained that information she injected her comments about it and wanted all this extra, and in my eyes, unneeded information. I felt that the information (which is apparently supposed to make it easier on the readers) wasn’t needed because of the way I write. Now I do plan on mopping up the rough draft a bit (you can find it here). I also need to trim it down in order for it to fit on one page. We’ll see how this situation plays itself out.

During my break between English and math I was relaxing in one of the grass quads. I noticed a large group of people dressed in business attire walking towards the cafeteria. They were wearing lanyards, but the shapes were different with each group. Then it hit me. It must be the training day for Virtual Enterprise. I remembered doing the same thing last year when I was still in high school. We went to the college to get training for the class. I felt like going to see if I could find my old teacher. After a bit of waiting I was able to and I met up with Andrew who took the class a year before me. She asked if we could talk to the group as former students. Both of us were a bit hesitant, but we agreed. Three other people talked about their experiences before I got up. I quickly came up with an impromptu speech in my head. I felt like it constructed itself well. Good enough to make Andrew speechless when it was his turn because I said everything he wanted to say. Bullshitting works. After a brief goodbye with the teacher I hurried over to math.

Math consisted of a test. Nothing exciting. Just graphing lines, solving systems, and working out rates and other garbage I never plan on using. I finished the test in about thirty minutes meaning I was out of there quite a bit early. With two hours and thirty minutes to spare I headed over to “the hill” as we call it (or as I like to say “Hill 1400”) . I finished up my counsel 50 homework which only took thirty minutes off. Bored as hell I headed for my car. I got in the passenger seat and relaxed. I remembered I brought my Onion books so I pulled out one and started ready. There is some great stuff in the books. I read a bunch of their articles by the time my time was up (no pun intended).

Once I got to my counsel class I got my homework out and turned it in. The rest of the class time was to go over, in more detail, the results from a special packet that analyzes our skills and other attributes to determine our career paths. Mine came up with some odd results such as florist and farmer. By now you should have realized that I hate the outdoors. Aside from those oddities I also had the military and law enforcement which proved interesting. Now we need to research four career options and narrow it down to one for a research paper.

After school I got gas as I was nearing empty, then I headed home. Haven’t done much since then. Just watched a few shows including the first two episodes of Chuck on NBC’s website. I’ve been meaning to get around to it but I put it off for too long and finally got around to it. Seems interesting and a good dose of funny. Can’t go wrong with Adam Baldwin.

I think it’s time for some sleep now.

Also, if you have any ideas/suggestions for changes or anything of that nature, just leave me a comment on this post.