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Monthly Archives: December 2004

I am at a dead-stop in MechAssualt 2. The last boss (yes, the SP is quite short) is owning me as soon as I get close to killing him. I have some tiny as Battle Armor while he has a 100 ton big ass mech with no legs. He has laser eyes, cannons, and more guns. I have a cannon and a laser. Unfair? I think so. I’ll beat him…..sometime before I go back to school.

Anyway, it is almost time to leave. Time to get my shit packed. :P

I’m going to be busy today. My family and I are going to a friend’s house for a New Years party. It is always fun there. They have a modded XBOX to play with and sometimes they get fireworks (unlike my friend who gets close to 200 pounds of explosives to 4th of July and New Years :P ). But I don’t mind. We will probably be leaving around noon. It takes around 45 minutes to get there since it is near the bay area (aka: anything near the San Francisco Bay for you non-Cali people). I’m just hoping there is not much traffic or it is going to take way too long to get there. Anyway, I better start getting my gear ready.

I stopped by Wal-Mart today to waste more X-mas money. :P I picked up the limited edition MechAssualt 2: Lone Wolf and the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries DVD. I played a little bit of MA2 and then watched the 3 hour miniseries. It is awesome. I can’t wait for the actual series to start next month on the Sci-Fi channel. That will move my TV show count to 2 in January to watch. It joins 24. :P And hopefully Reno 911 will start up again soon. I plan on picking up the Season 2 DVD of it when it comes out.

I got on XBOX Live to play Ghost Recon 2 with a friend yesterday. It was very fun. I died a lot. :P In one round I was the last alive and took out 15 or so guys. In another, all of us got overrun with enemies. It was crazy.

I played a little Sims 2 yesterday. My house (the I custom build) looks like it is in the jungle. I had to make my guy happy by buying plants and trees. He is crazy. I am trying to get in rich with his job so he can get helicopters, maids, butlers, and other “rich” people stuff. I am about to say “screw this” and make a new guy who won’t demand too much.

Yes, I’ve been playing more Ghost Recon 2. It may not be as good as the original, but it is still cool. I am liking it a lot. Haven’t got into much multiplayer, but I have beat the single-player campaign and played a bit of co-op with my brother. I’m hoping to play with a friend in it if he gets on.

Also, I played a little bit of Super Mario 64 DS (which I will refer to SM64DS for now on :P ). I got a few more stars but not much. My brother is a little bit ahead of me. Can’t like that. I will get ahead of him soon though.

I thought I should list out the stuff I got for my birthday and Christmas. So here it is:

Gifts –

Nintendo DS with Metroid Prime: Hunters (demo)

Rome: Total War

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines (very early gift :P )

Half-Life 2 (another gift I got way early)

Sims 2


Target $20 Gift Card

Best Buy $50 Gift Card

Gamestop $50 Gift Card

Napster 15 Free Songs Gift Card

$50 Check

$20 Bill

There are more, I either forgot or haven’t received them yet due to the people not being around.

Stuff I Bought –

Ghost Recon 2

Super Mario 64 DS

Red vs. Blue Season 2 DVD

Need for Speed Underground

Need for Speed Underground 2

I still have a lot of money left, but I am saving it for right now. Also, I am still waiting for some presents from family and friends. But don’t worry, I’ll list them.

I’m having way to much fun torturing my Sims to the point of death. :P I killed them with fire, starvation, drowning, sickness, electrocution, and some other ways. So many dead Sims. If you want to see some screenshots I took of other Sim-ish activities, look here:

Anyway, I beat Ghost Recon 2. Very fun. Now to move on to the multiplayer stuff on XBOX Live. I also have to work more on Super Mario 64 DS. I have 15 stars out of 150. I have alot of work to do. :P And I still haven’t beat Need for Speed Underground 2. I plan on doing that before I go back to school. My car should do me fine.

I was flipping through channels and came across a show on the History Channel that talked about how the devil has come about and been used in many ways throughout history. It talked about how the religious people dealt with Satan and tried to stop him from taking over. The show also explained about Satanists and other followers. Pretty intresting stuff. Don’t know exactly what to think at the moment since I pretty much hate church now, but I’m sure I won’t go apeshit over the devil. :P

Sorry for not posting a lot in the last couple of days. I have been pretty busy with holiday crap. I’ll have more to say tomorrow so stay tuned. :P

I went to the store today to buy stuff with my Christmas money. I only used 1/3 of it. I picked up Ghost Recon 2 for the XBOX, Super Mario 64 DS for my Nintendo DS, and finally, I picked up Red vs. Blue Season 2 on DVD. I also had to stop by Target with my mom. She had to get Christmas cards for next year. She had to get them on sale. I saw a person from school there. I just gave a head nod and they laughed a little. We’ll see how that plays out. :P