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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Yep. My humble collection of shit managed to get 300 hits. Go me!

Too much awesomeness for the front page.

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Oh how ye don’t understand this inside joke. Anyway, I did manage to get everything done and turned in. I will playing another game of Dawn of War tonight which should turn out interesting since we are bumping up the difficulty. I’m deciding on if I should be the Orks or Chaos. Shame I can’t be my Imperial Guard but John doesn’t have Winter Assault.

When Dark Crusade comes out, they will all bow before the might of the Necrons.

I played a game of Dawn of War with John like I mentioned. Fun time. Although he did a lot of the work. I just teched up and helped when needed. Once he gets Winter Assault, I will Imperial Guard his face into the ground. Or Necrons if Dark Crusade gets here sometime soon.

Oh, and if you are wondering, I just started my essay. I’ll do my math tomorrow. So shut it.

I got one of my three things done today. Now all I have left is the essay and math. But I got a call from a friend and he wants to play some Dawn of War. HOW CAN I NOT PLAY!?

I’ll own him and then do my work. I promise.

It is the last day of my three day weekend (which went by way too fast) and my parents are making me do yard work to add on to what I already have to do. I get to do an essay for my writing class and math homework. That’s a little too much work for me and it leaves me no time for fun.

Summer needs to come faster than the 9th.

Had an fun time playing Battlefield 2 earlier. I lost one or two games, but won a bunch. On a snow map I ran into the enemy base while it was being bombed to the stone age and jacked their tank. Then I used it to kill them as they ran and hide. Spawn camping you say? SAY IT TO MY TANK!

I did some quick fixes a few minutes ago. I adjusted the time so it is correct for me. I guess I forgot to change it for the bullshit they call Daylight Savings Time. Also, I added the RSS feed link to the bottom of the menu bar thing. One thing to note though, if the posts have the “Continue Reading” link, the content under that may not work. I have confirmed that in Thunderbird, but leave me a comment if you can see the rest of the entry.

And now for the “real” stuff. Yesterday’s BBQ was alright, not the greatest though. Too many annoying small kids and lack of things for me to do. My clothes smell like hickory smoke. Yuck. I’m going to need a shower.

As for today, I have no clue what I am going to do. Maybe some Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. This is forshadowing that summer is going to suck.

Oh yeah. I have an essay due Tuesday. Fuck.

Ever see some hot chick walking down the street at night and wish you could hook up?

Yeah, missed opportunities.

Need sleep…