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Monthly Archives: July 2006

I need to stop playing Garry’s Mod.

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Well, today is fucking picture day for yearbook bullshit. I was forced to shave earlier and got my sideburns trimmed. Now I get to dress up and be nice for the picture people. Fuck them. I hate pictures and I don’t see a reason for getting special pictures. “WAIT, BUT YOU’RE A SENIOR!” So the fuck what. It is a whole other year of school. Am I supposed to care that it is special. No. If you want a picture of me, do it in my sleep so I don’t have to work for it.

P.S. School is 29 days away. :(

Today was my battle with the TV. I tried hooking up the Xbox 360 to make it in HD. Well, it didn’t go as planned and is now back in regular mode. The TV only had one port for HD and I tried to use splitters, but the TV doesn’t work with two sources connected to one port, so I got fucked. Oh well, atleast I can go online with the WiFi. Besides that all I have done is a little Battle for Middle-Earth II and got a call from a friend. Tomorrow I have to go and take senior pictures (which I do not want to do). It will suck. I know that for a fact.

So apparenty I am dehydrated as I have been taking a piss every half hour for the last few days. So now I am on a wonderful water diet. YAY!

And as for today, I am home alone as my parents and brother went off to some party thing. I wonder what I should do today. Hmmmmm…

Jeez. 32 visits so far today. Did you people find something special? Not that I mind. But you can comment about how awesome I am.

After all that fun censoring I did last night, do you really think I should give you a long, nice entry about my day? Of course not. You know that I would just use up all the good stuff now and have none for later.

So you get this:

Yes, I made a new word, so go read some random comments from deep inside my IM logs.

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If you have to make things color-coded, please do it correctly.

Today I worked on getting the Xbox 360 downstairs to the main TV. First I worked on the wireless router so I can play Xbox Live. That wasn’t going as planned so I worked on getting the HD settings up and running. The back of our TV baffles me so it ended up not working so I will work on it this weekend. As for the other part of my day I played X3: Reunion which I recently got off Steam. Hard as fuck with a STEEP learning curve. I’m still trying to figure out how to gain cash. Once I find out I’m sure it will go by like a breeze.

And finally, less than two weeks until Dead Rising. It is going to fucking rock.

…instead of break them. :(

I hate California. They finally turned my power back on after it being off for a few hours so cities in higher demand could have it.

Fuck you big cities.