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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Civilization 4: Warlords
Dead Rising
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
Star Wars – Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
Command & Conquer 3
World in Conflict
Company of Heroes


I beat Call of Duty 2, on the hardest difficulty, Veteran. Take that you Nazi fucks.

Summer is turning out to be one big shitbag. I got my parents yelling at me because I don’t have a job even though I have applied. They keep telling me to call the places every other fucking day. Yeah, that would be good if I want to piss them off. Then my mom is bitching at me because her side of the family is falling apart and I don’t help out with my grandpa. She also told me that when I get my permit/license that I have to drive my grandparents around whenever they need.

I need a week away from them.

The official teaser trailer is up!

The U.S. and Russia have formed an alliance. The new super empire is on the verge of starting the ultimate world war, well not so much. The U.S. (Andrew) want to kill of Japan while I have been kissing French ass so they like us. Oh how the world humors me.

Oh Jack. You show the bad guy who’s boss.

Andrew is MIA at the moment and my game is minimized.

So here is a video for you:

Later today Andrew and me are going to settle our Russia vs. USA challenge in Civilization 4. He will be playing as FDR and I will be Catherine. It will be crazy.

All alone I am. My mom and bro left to see my grandpa at the hospital. No clue when they plan on getting back.

As for my day I watched a few episodes of 24 season 3 on A&E, played some SiN: Emergence with the new patch that added Arena Mode, I also played Homeworld 2 with the PDS mod, and listened to the Battlestar Galactica season 2 soundtrack (IT IS REALLY GOOD SO BITE ME). I might play some Civilization 4 tonight or Homeworld 2. Depends on how I feel. I’ll go back to playing Call of Duty 2 tomorrow. I have to beat the US missions. Oh boy.

I went to CompUSA yesterday to check the status of my application. They told me that they hired all that they can for the month and I have to wait until next month. As for my BestBuy application, still no word.