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Monthly Archives: January 2005

I’ve made the switch to LiveJournal. I did it for various reasons, but anyway, you can view it here:


I had some comp problems so I haven’t been on my comp for a while. I have yet to fix the errors in the HTML, but I will. :P

Well, it seems the music code went crazy. I will fix it later. I will also try to get rid of those other errors that have been occuring.

Ok. Time for the weekend music. :P If you liked the short-posted Battlefield song, don’t worry. It is next weekdays music. :P

The song for the weekend is Exile by Slayer.

I’ve been thinking about the music of the week thing and I have come to decide this:

The music will change for weekends and weekdays. So during the weekend, the blog will have one song, than on the weekdays, there will be a different song.

If you have any comments, post them by clicking the link (registration required) or figure out my e-mail and e-mail me. :P Also, if you have a request for a song, send me a working link or the file itself (I have 1 GB of space for my e-mail). I might play it. :P

I was bored so I added some new music for the week. It is the theme for the World War II mod for Battlefield Vietnam. Enjoy.

I have a good feeling today will be boring. Ever since I got some classes switiched the days have felt longer and I don’t like it. I guess once we get more into the quarter, I will feel the days get shorter.

Anyway, I will change the music this Sunday for those of you who can actually hear it. :P

We took a survey in health class today to see how healthy we were. Well, I’m not very according to that survey. I am in the high risk category. :P All my answers were rarely except for 2 sometimes. :P I’m going to die.

Anyway, I have some big late night homework to do so I better get to it. :P

My blog is just one big error. :P Some of you guys who use IE may not be able to see my sidebar. Do I know why? Nope. And for the Firefox users, the random titles are a little bugged. Do I know why? Nope. But I am trying to fix it. And for all the Internet Explorer people, UPGRADE TO FIREFOX! IE sucks, just upgrade.

Anyway, I am still having some annoying computer issues happening so you may not see posts, but I will return.

I have returned. I had some computer/internet trouble but I fixed it. I am now back online and ready to deliver some blog posts. :P But that will be after I play some Counter-Strike: Source.