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I saw Hitman today. It wasn’t the greatest adaptation, but it was good for what it tried to be. An action flick.

Now all I need to do is finish the economics homework for the test tomorrow. Here’s hoping I don’t fail.


Never waste a full day and not do anything when you have four research papers, two pages of economics homework, and an English essay due next week.

Now I only have two days. Fuck.

Today had it’s share of boring moments. Economics class was somewhat interesting as we discussed unemployment and inflation to prepare ourselves for the test on Monday. I was glad when the class was over though. As I drove down to the main campus for math I got behind a car that was going a bit slow for my tastes, so I sped up and changed lanes. Doing what most do, I looked over to see what kind of person was driving. I was a bit shocked. It appeared to be my counsel teacher. I quickly pulled away and then got back in the lane. It looked like him, but I can’t be 100% sure. Even if it was him, I expected him to have a better car.

Anyway, once math started I already knew I would be bored out of my mind. Get ready. It was. I nodded off twenty minutes in. The fucking class seems to last forever. When it finally drew to a close I was relived and swiftly got to my car and got the hell out of there.

I got home and played a few games of Halo 3 (the reference of the post’s title comes from one of the games). Then I watched some show about the Berlin Wall. Not much else to say for now.

I got most of my homework done. Now I just need to read a little bit to prepare for my economics test. I should also get around to making that flash card he said we could use. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

It seems the weekend is back, well yesterday was technically the first of mine, but now it is official. You know what that means. Homework. This weekend I have quite a bit. I am going to try my best to get a good chunk done, mainly my macroeconomics questions from the book as they are due first thing Monday and I need to study for the test we have. Hopefully I do well on it like my math test in which I got a 95% and I could have got higher on that but he marked me down for not showing all my work. Fucker, I got it right, give me full credit. Asshole.

Knowing me I’ll probably do something unproductive and fuck myself over with the homework, but whatever.

You should have noticed that I haven’t posted very much about school and that I really haven’t posted much at all in the last week or so. College has been sucking my life away along with other things I have been doing. I am barely home these days and have been out until late at night. I guess I can talk about my classes now since I have some time on my hands.

The first class I have for the week is economics. The teacher is a former businessman who just happens to ride a motorcycle. He likes to joke a little bit, but not too much. Seems like a fun guy and the class looks like it will be interesting. I only know one person in the class, which is good considering that it is the only one of my classes not at the main campus.

Next is math. The math teacher gets to the point and goes in to detail about whatever he happens to be teaching that day. So far we are doing basic shit so I usually just want to go to sleep. We also get homework everyday which kind of sucks, but apparently it is not required. Whatever.

My English class is not a usual English class. It is more focused on writing than anything else and later on in the semester we get a nice six hour a week lab that is required and not to mention we have to take a test and get a damn good grade to even get credit for the course. The teacher is your average old lady English teacher. We’ll see how that works out.

And finally there is my career planning class which seems like it will be the most interesting and entertaining one of the semester. The teacher is full German. Born there and everything. He speaks English as his second language but speaks it without an accent or anything. Funny guy who can mix humor with serious talk pretty easily. Even though the class is late in the day I look forward to it on those days.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try and conjure up a story for you people in a bit.