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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Looks like a rain storm is on its way. Everyone is going nuts and making forts. So are we.


Ugh. I was sick yesterday and went home from school. Good thing is that I am doing better today.

I played a little Empire at War. My Rebel campaign isn’t going so swell. The Empire is moving towards the Outer Rim and I can’t stop them. I’ve lost a few planets but I am managing to keep the good ones under my control. A counter-attack is coming if I can keep my forces alive.

Last night’s Batterstar Galactica kicked ass. Two more episodes left in the season and it is a two-parter to boot. First part is like a regular episode and the second part (a week later) will be a 90-minute episode. The preview for it has me fearing for a character. DON’T DIE PLEASE!

And finally, I have been tinkering with my Google page some more. I’ve moved stuff around and will be adding more. So keep checking it.


I am loving Google’s new website builder. So easy to use and now I can share all my…uh…stuff to the world.

Other than that, played more of EAW, killed some Rebels, had some pizza, drank root beer, and type this to you bastards. So all in all, a ho-hum day.

I present to you my first step in the goal of global (and digital) domination.



Life is like a bad blowjob. One that doesn’t clean up.


Except this.

Wow. This weekend flew by fast. I have one more day of my 4-day weekend. Geez. I need to set priorities or something. EaW, you’re so damn addicting.

I have done some stuff though. For one, I got a desktop calendar that doesn’t suck. I can know easily keep track of things with it. Also, I got this program that will alternate my wallpaper every hour so I don’t get bored. And no, they aren’t pics of dead people or anything evil. Just really, really hot chicks with little clothes on. Oh how hot they are….uh anyway, that is what has been done so far.

……Really hot…..

Yeah, Empire at War is eating my life, but in a good way. I am taking a break for my own good. Anyway, I am home alone apparently. I have no clue where my parents went and I didn’t even know they left.

Someone hold me.

You bet your ass it is.

War is upon the galaxy…