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Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist


Looking over the stats for the last few days I haven’t seen a large increase. I’m hitting about my daily average. I will continue doing the Tube Tuesday thing to see if that changes. There are a few other things I am considering as I am planning on changing the blog up and decentralize it from the same stuff every post (mainly my boredom and school day). We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, as for today, English was nothing special. We went over some more stuff to help us with the mid-term and then answered some questions on some reading. I also turned in my essay. Hopefully I get a half decent grade on it. It is not one of my best, that’s for sure. After class I spend an hour in the computer lab wasting time as usual. Only have five hours left which is nice. Speaking of computers, I have a test in my computer science class. I plan on going over the book quickly before class to make sure I somewhat understand it. I’m pretty sure it will be mostly about Visual Basic, but I guess I just have to find out.

If you are wondering about “mux” in the title, it is related to a site where you can put up twelve songs to make a mixtape for people to listen over the internet. I made one in hopes of matching aspects of my day to certain songs. You can judge it for yourself and figure out which songs they are here:

I can’t believe it has been two years since I switched over to WordPress. Doesn’t seem like that long ago. Times have changed quite a bit since this time last year. Many changes to myself and the people around me, including some new additions.

Since this time last year I have graduated from high school and ventured off to college. A big change in my everyday life. Although with this change came more responsibilities and the biggest change, loss of old friends. There are a bunch of people I do not see anymore due to going to college or moving in general. It was pretty depressing once you get to thinking about it. You spend much of your time with them in school all those years only to have them go away. College brought a few new ones along the way, although not as strong as some of the high school ones. I have also met new people through other ways. Namely Tammi, Carter, and Ashlee. Even that crazy Canadian. All good pals with them. Last year I also had to deal with the death of my grandfather but as time went on I adjusted to the change, as hard as it was. Days, weeks, months, it all came and went. Now it is 2008. It’s pretty crazy.

Considering I’ve written the epic end of the year post just three months ago my memory juices are a bit low so I won’t be picking my top ten posts of the last year. Instead you get to see pretty stats and some search results that make me feel like the FBI will pound on my door in the near future.

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And now the search results:

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Thanks you fucking strange internet people. Go the fuck outside.

This morning was a slow start to my day. I was slow to get out of bed and do the reading for today’s class. I got out of the house with enough time to get down to the campus without running to class. During English some of the other students read off their short essays to the teacher. I pretty much zoned myself out for a bit. After that we discussed a short story by George Orwell. We managed to get half of it done before the class ended, although we have to do some of it for homework. Lame. The teacher also admitted what I have been suspecting. He is in fact Canadian. I fucking knew it. I headed home to an empty house.

The first thing I did when I got in was check some sites and my e-mail. I ate some lunch while watching TV, mainly part of an X-Files episode. Played a little Battlefield 2 and then I started to feel tired and bored so I fell on the bed and stayed there until my mom came home. A little later on and I got an IM from Tammi and she was talking about her troubles with organizing her music collection. This inspired me to do the same. I switched around some folders and organized albums under the artist’s main folder. This should help my new media player see my music easier. After sorting my music I loaded up Songbird which I have been playing with (it is still in beta). Songbird is from the same people who created Firefox and Thunderbird so I know it will kick more ass as time goes on. A few minutes and all my music was set. All it needs for me to be even happier with it is the plugin. You won’t be seeing any updates on it until one comes out, although you still might see updates from my iPod when I plug it in to iTunes (I need to remake my playlists due to my organizing efforts, stupid Apple).

As for now I am just relaxing for the night talking with Tammi and dreading math tomorrow. I’m sure it will suck like always.

Following some simple steps taken from a post at Shacknews, I made up an album cover.

The rules were the following:


Obviously you have to experiment to achieve success. Here are some of my attempts:


For fonts, I went here:

In the end I came up with this:

You can see what other people made here and here.

I’m back from my (insert trip name). It was quite the time. I enjoyed being with awesome friends and it was even better that I was far from home and on my own for the travel portions. Enough talk, let’s get to the details.


The first day was mostly traveling. My parents took me to the Amtrak station in Suisun at about 8am. We waited for the train which came at about 8:30am. I said my goodbyes and boarded. The train left and headed towards Sacramento. Once the train arrived in Sacramento I departed and waited in the station for about an hour to wait for the bus I had to take down to Stockton. In the station I noticed all sorts of people including one girl who I thought was a porn star. I was confused which because she looked like a couple. I thought it would be weird to go up and ask “Are you a porn star?” Yeah. There was also a bird walking around inside the station back and forth. When the time came to board the bus I did so. It was a pretty uneventful ride all the way down to Stockton aside from one brief stop in Lodi or something. The Stockton station was pretty trashy but I only had to wait for about twenty minutes for the train to come. This would be the train that would take me down to Bakersfield. It pulled up and everyone got on. I mainly sat back and listened to my iPod as we passed farm after farm and small town after small town. My butt got sore as hell. When the four and a half hour ride was over I was in Bakersfield. Tammi and Ashlee soon came to collect me and we rode off towards Ashlee’s house to pick up things. I met a lot of her animals and her parents while over there. Then it was off to Tammi’s house. Carter was out working so he wasn’t around to hang out. A little later and the three of us headed to PF Changs where we had all sorts of Chinese food. Ashlee and Tammi joked with me about me being the only one using a fork instead of chop sticks. After dinner we headed back to the house and laid on the big bed watching TV and talking. I ended up heading to bed at about midnight or so.


The next morning I woke up and being as I was the first awake as usual I turned on the laptop and did my usual morning internet activities. A little while later and Ashlee comes in and hangs out with me on the bed. Carter woke up (he came home at 4am or so) and started to cook up some kind of breakfast as Ashlee and myself watched. Tammi eventually woke up and joined us. Carter made eggs and toast which we ate. Carter had to head back out to work to finish things up while Tammi, Ashlee, and myself went around to prepare for our little New Years Eve party. Interestingly enough I forgot some of what we did during the daylight hours of the day, so I am going to skip towards the night activities. Carter got back sometime in the evening and we got the stuff ready for the party. It began with a marathon session of the Mario edition of Dance Dance Revolution in which Tammi started off but got tired so Ashlee finished it up. Carter also had his doings. After that we gathered on the couch and watched the news and the New Years Rockin’ Eve with zombie Dick Clark. At around 11pm the girls went into the bedroom leaving Carter and me still watching TV. The duo came back and surprised us with their attire. Needless to say Carter and I both gave that night the “Best New Years” award. Once the clock struck midnight we ran out and popped poppers, blew into the blower things, and lit some sparklers. Good times. At about 2am it was time to crash. I headed to bed and a few minutes later I had another nice surprise.


In the morning Ashlee and I were again on the bed and I headed to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up. After the shower I loaded up the laptop to check things when I heard Ashlee head out the front door. Tammi told me she went back to her house because her mom called. Carter was already out doing some paperwork for work. As Tammi and myself were on the couch messing around on our laptops Tammi got a text message from Ashlee saying that she was crying and that one of the cats was sick. Tammi and me looked at each other confused. Another few text messages later and we learned that one of the cats they had died. Ashlee told us that she would meet up with us later in the day. Tammi and myself sat helpless. Carter came back to the house and we told him the news. An hour or two later Ashlee came back and after some talking we went out for shopping. We stopped at Mervyns and the Burlington Coat Factory. Afterwards we had dinner at Applebees. Then it was back home were we played Disney Scene It. Carter and myself were on one team while the girls were on the other. Being the one with the lowest Disney knowledge I felt a bit capped, but Carter and me ended up winning and the girls felt cheated. Winnie the Pooh was put on and a little in to it Carter fell asleep. I dozed on and off as the girls colored and watched. We headed to bed not long after.


In the morning Tammi made pancakes and bacon. She tried out pineapple pancakes and banana pancakes. Both were interesting. We prepared for our small trip down to Valencia (if I remember correctly it got nuked by terrorists in episode four of season six in 24) but before we left we stopped at a sushi place and I had my first offering of sushi in my life. It was strange but good for the most part. We then headed down to Valencia. As we battled the high winds on the freeway through the mountains the car ride was filled with laughter as we joked around. When we got to Valencia we stopped at Ben and Jerry’s and got ice cream and the girls got lip balm. The next stop was the mall. We visited a bunch of stores and rode the carousel until it was dinner time. For dinner we went to an Italian place called Buca’s where they serve family style dishes (read: big). After dinner there was a quick stop at BevMo for some things for Carter’s mom and Ashlee’s mom. Then it was back on the freeway to home. We stopped at Carter’s parent’s house to drop off the stuff we got at BevMo and had a brief chat. Back at the house Ashlee headed home for the night and Carter and myself played with the computers before I ended up going to sleep.


This morning I woke up and went on my laptop while waiting for Tammi and Carter to get out of bed. The two of them got ready so we could catch lunch before I left. While Carter was trying out my copy of Mass Effect Ashlee came by. We then headed out and ate at A&W. After lunch we headed to the train station for a somber goodbye as I got hugs before boarding the train for a long ride home. The train ride wasn’t too bad. When I got off in Suisun my parents picked me up and drove me home.


I could sleep for a while now.

2007 was a crazy year. Many things have happened and each moment had some form of meaning. From the surprises to the failures, it has been one hell of a year. So many new things in what seemed as such little time. Transitioning from a high school student to an adult in college. With so many things it is hard to choose a single place to begin, so lets look back and remember the past year.

Note: It is not my intention to offend anyone. I am just giving the details of events from my point of view or from what I remember.

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Tomorrow is the day of trip readiness. I will be preparing myself for the NEW YEARS BAKOCALYPSE TRIP OF DOOM™. Packing the laptop, clothes, iPod, chargers, some DVDs, games, and whatever other items I may need. There is a 50lb limit but I think I’ll be fine.

Also, I finished typing up the end of the year post. It will be up on the 31st at a minute to midnight.

For whatever reason, ever since I have started watching Arrested Development I’ve started to notice that my life is somewhat of a comedy. These last two days have added to that theory quite well.

Yesterday I woke up knowing the day would suck. As with all holidays I would either get the choice of being with family or staying home alone. I had my mind on staying home alone for most of the day while I split my time playing Mass Effect or watching Arrested Development. Since I was already home alone I got a feel for what the rest of my day would be like. After a conversation with Tammi I decided to drag my ass over (this being after an hour long nap). I cleaned myself up and headed over. My mom, dad, grandmother, and brother were already settled and enjoying the spirit of Christmas. I got in and threw my shoes off. My mom commented about me being rude or something but I just continued on and laid back on a couch in a dark room (ironic, isn’t it?) and whipped out the laptop. Threw in AD and watched it for quite a bit. Then my dad came looking for me to tell me it was dinner time. I quickly pick myself up and head it so I could be the first out. I gathered the food that I wanted and at the same time pissed off my mom and made her comment about how I am always grumpy during the holidays (you don’t say). After ravaging the plate I headed back to continue watching. Then it was dessert. I ended up with apple and key lime pies with vanilla ice cream. Post pie time some family friends came and said hi. Minutes later I decided to head home. I told me mom and she said fine. Then my dad spoke up about I was going home because I was being anti-social. Then someone commented asking me if I was tired. My dad spoke again and said that I was going to go home and talk to Ashlee all night long. Ugh. Ok, I know a girl, thanks dad. Anyway I headed home and talked to Ashlee until about 10:30pm when she went to bed as well as myself.

I woke up at about 7am and decided to go to Best Buy to pick up Arrested Development season 3 since I got a Best Buy gift card for the same price as the DVD. I headed to my parents room and told my mom I was going and she told me “whatever” in that half-asleep tone. When I got there I had about fifteen minutes until it would open so I waited in the car listening to my iPod. While waiting a glanced at my side mirrors to notice a familiar blonde. Was it? Could it be? No way. Yes, it was indeed “B,” dressed in Best Buy work attire. She also carried the familiar Beatles handbag. I did a double take look at the mirror just to be sure. When the store opened I quickly scooped up the DVD and looked around curious as to where “B” was stationed on this day after Christmas shopping day. As I walked over towards customer service I noticed the rope for the lines that were expected (I was also have blinded by the sun as their front windows face south, morons). Then I saw the hair again. The poor thing. She was working the customer service line. Being the sly son of a bitch I am I walked around trying to get a glance just for the hell of it, but alas, none such happened. I gave up my perilous adventure and checked out. I went back home and continued my ME/AD combo of doom. Around noon Tammi and Carter arrived as they were taking me out to lunch for my *read below*. I invited Andrew along since he had yet to meet them in person. I drove us all down to the Mongolian BBQ in Fairfield and wrapped up a comedic journey with all sorts of driving fun. Lunch was full of jokes and little giggles like usual Tammi/Carter meals. We also messaged Ashlee during the time. After lunch we headed back and after dropping off Andrew the three of us talked before they headed home. Then it was back to the same routine. At about 6pm we again went to the borrowed friend’s house to have dinner. Now I’m back home with the Bako crew on webcam.

Oh yeah, I’m older today. Whoo.

It has been a long 30 hours.

Thanksgiving was yesterday. My family had plans to go to one of my aunt’s house for it. My dad worked for half of the day so we didn’t schedule to leave until around 4:30pm, so I played if off as a normal day. Put in a little time in Call of Duty 4 and then challenged my brother to a few matches. We basically tied up. I also got caught up with Mythbusters and watched them blow up a fish with a minigun. That was bad ass. Before my dad came home my mom started bitching at me to get ready to go if I wanted to. I decided that I should go if I wanted to eat that night so I got ready just as my dad walked in. My mom continued to bitch until I was out of the bathroom. We left about ten minutes later and headed over to pick up my grandmother. After getting her we got on the freeway for the hour or so drive. I dozed off a little bit while listening to my iPod. I wasn’t in the mood to get in any conversations.

We got there around 5:30-5:45pm. The house is at the base of the foothills and it was pretty dark without street lights. Everyone got out of the car and everyone bitched at me to help my grandmother out and to the door. I did only to hear her bitch about how I made her walk on the grass to the door because I didn’t notice a dark fucking path a little farther. Oh fucking well. We get in and say our hellos and stuff. Two of my cousins come out and start talking. Being the usual me I avoided everyone for the most part. My aunt’s boyfriend (they will be getting married next year) went out and started a little camp fire so I took the opportunity to snap of some photos (will be uploaded sometime today). My cousins came out and wanted to know if I wanted to play the Xbox they had. I followed and watched as the older one beat the crap out of the younger one in Fight Night Round 3. The younger one started bitching and moaning and the older one gave him the “tough shit” look. So the youngest challenges me and I kick his ass. He demanded a rematch but I said no. After a while I just traversed around trying to find something to do before dinner. When it finally came I sat down to eat my first plate. As I did everyone commented about how I am actually eating and shit like that. My mom said that it is a surprise since I am “picky.” Then my grandmother said that I was “skinny.” All this was said as if I wasn’t in the room. I wanted to speak up and slam their asses for it but I didn’t want to create a shitstorm. After my second plate I got the fuck out. Everyone went to sit out by the fire until dessert and my brother starting getting in a fight with my cousins. That was broken up after they started talking shit about girlfriends. For dessert I just ate chocolate chip cookies and all the older folks started talking about “What’s you favorite rock song of all time?” and shit like that. This lasted two fucking hours so I decided to lay back on a couch and listen to my iPod. Then my youngest cousin came up after a while and started shaking me to play Uno. I told him I didn’t want to but the ADHD crazed fucker didn’t stop so I finally told him “NO!” and he backed the fuck off. I continued my rest until it was time to go.

By then I was already pretty tired so I rested on the car ride back into town. When we got home my mom asked me to check the Black Friday ads to see if I saw anything “for cheap.” I looked through Best Buy and noticed they had a $599 Gateway laptop that was the same configuration as the $799 HP I’ve been dying to get. I show my mom and see tells me to convince my dad. So somehow it came out to where it is part Christmas and Birthday present but I have to pay for part of it. Not sure how the fuck it got to that but just wait until you hear what we did.

I tell them that the store opens at 5am but they are handing out tickets for the items (for reservation) at 3am. My dad is all grumpy because he worked but my mom wanted him to come for “protection.” We get out there at around midnight and see the line. It didn’t look that bad until we turned the corner. The line wrapped around two sides of the store so we quickly get in a spot. More people show up and my parents begin to talk to them to burn time. Interesting people all wanting different things. My dad went home to get some chairs as it would be a while before we were going to be able to move. He comes back and my mom wraps herself in a blanker and sits along with my dad. I get no chair as this whole adventure is for me. So I stand, in the cold, for three hours. Then it happened. A mad rush of people start moving closer to the front as the tickets were being handed out. I kicked my parents chairs to wake their asses up and we rush with the crowd. We end up farther up and awaiting the ticket people. It happens that everyone in the front of the line wanted laptops and it seemed as if my hopes were being crushed. Everyone else around us got what they needed but my dream slowly died every minute. Some tried to get closer to the front to get tickets before they were supposed to so we tried with no luck. My dad told me to put the chairs in the car as it appeared we would be standing for a while. So I did and come back only to find someone heard what I wanted and managed to pick up a reservation for me. I was shocked. No clue what to say but “thanks.” They were also looking for a laptop, although not the same as I was. As a sign of thanks I tried to find the one they wanted. In the end she got the same as me as the one she wanted was gone but we both got laptops so it was a good deal I guess. Finally when the store opened its doors everyone rushed the checkout with their reservations. We got so many wrong directions we were fucking lucky to get a good place in line. About ten to fifteen minutes later we had the laptop in hand and out the door.

Both of them were tired and went to bed when we got home earlier. I stayed up and got my new laptop ready for use. As I let it charge I took a powernap and woke up when it was fully charged. So for the last few hours now I have been setting it up for use at school and home. I plan for it to be an entertainment and school work laptop. I might throw on some games if they run (which some should as it is a fairly powerful entertainment laptop).

All I know is that a downer of a holiday turned around (aside from almost failing). I never want to do that early or shopping ever again.