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I had quite the dream this morning. Apparently I arrived in France on an Amtrak train (how does that work?) and after jumping from the train I drove off to meet someone. I got to their place after navigating row after row of houses and narrow streets to arrive. We started making sugar or something and for whatever reason I left and kept driving as he was gone. I got to another house and walked in to the bathroom. Something caught my eye and I started to take a few steps back. I caught a view of a bare girl butt. I go back a little more and see that it is some asian chick sexing a black guy. They look at me sort of freaked out. The asian gets off the bed and walks towards the door. She slams it shut and I say something stupid. Then I hear the guy get on the phone, probably to the police. I run towards the door to get out of the house but am magically stuck. End dream.

Seriously, what the fuck?


Monday already? Where the fuck did my weekend go? Totally not looking forward to today. In fact I never look forward to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Why? Math sucks. The only worthwhile thing to look forward to this week is tomorrow. For one I get to vote for the first time and the other is, well, I don’t want to spoil it just yet. You’ll hear of it soon enough.

As for today, after school I am heading over to a friend’s house so his dad can help me replace a part in the engine so the stupid check engine light turns off (hopefully). Shouldn’t take too long (again, hopefully). Other than that this week is looking to suck normally.

Oh yeah, the dream I had last night was normal for once (except for a few odd things, minor really), albeit unexpected. Not sure what to make of it being the current situation, but we’ll see.

Earlier this morning I had a dream where I went to Hell. Now it wasn’t all fire and lava with slaves and stuff like you would think. Instead it appeared to be a Sears type deal. As I went around this shopping environment I noticed. People sitting around. They were friends sitting across from the people who argue with them or are at odds with the other half. It was strange. Then I noticed an escalator. Whenever these are in my dreams some whimsical force makes it impossible to get up to the top. For whatever reason I’ll fall down, get to the top only to feel paralyzed, or something else. It is the strangest damn thing because I have no problem with them at all in real life. So as time and time again I wasn’t able to make it to the top. I gave up and tried to find an exit. As I turned around a corner I ran out the doors only to find myself in some kind of arena type deal. Suddenly I noticed a door open across from me and pouring out came every game character I ever killed. I thought to myself “Oh, what the fuck?” Right before the endless stream of Nazis, random monster, night elves, Sims, and other various 2D and 3D characters got to me the dream suddenly ended.

I still am thinking “what the fuck?”