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Monthly Archives: November 2004

I have one thing to say, WTF!? Seriously, it is not even December (1 day away people) and stores and TV are already doing Christmas crap. I started seeing the change after Holloween. I can’t stand this shit any longer. It makes me want this shit to come now. Now all I hear on the radio is holiday music, on TV I see stupid Christmas shows, and in stores I see trees and the fat mall Santa. Yes, I’m annoyed. No, I’m not super mean. I just am sick of it already.

Yeah, that’s about all I complain about at the moment.


I added a niffty counter on the side bar just to see how many visitors I get. Yep, that’s about it. :P

I might tinker with the blog some more to add more features, but I’m not sure what I want to add yet. Music maybe? Hmmm…

w00t! I am home alone right now. My parents and brother have left to see the annual lighting of the tree for our city. You know, that Christmas crap. I didn’t go, which I choose not to every year. So now, I am home alone to do whatever I want, but I don’t know for how long. Hmmm…what to do?

Another day of school has passed and I have homework. Boo…

History – We had to do some study guide on Spanish and Dutch explorers. It was part 1 of 2 papers. Part 2 is homework.

English – We had to get a hearing test done so that took up a bit of time. When we got back we went to out project groups. My group discussed the final details. We are doing a PowerPoint presentation for out 1930s Science and Technology thing. After we discussed, I talked with a few friends about things. The girl got mad again for my “bad things” that I talk about.

PE – We went weight lifting. I did nothing. Me and my friends talked.

Science – Before science started we had a emergency drill. It was gay. I had to go to my 2nd period safe zone. When I got there the girl was waiting. The teacher was checking roll and he checked for one of my friends. I said he was on fire and people laughed. After that we had to go to our regular 4th period class. Once I got there we finished the video about viruses and started our homework.

Lunch – The usual. Wall + friends = lunch. :P The one guy wasn’t there again. Me and my other friend were talking about that. Tisk, tisk.

Web Design – Free day. I went online and did stuff. One friend was downloading stuff and another was talking with another person about the Nintendo DS vs. the PSP.

Math – Teacher got angry, gave homework, done.

Yep. Another boring day.

I haven’t done my math homework. Not good. No one in my 5th period class has my teacher to copy from. It sucks. Math is next period. Oh well. I guess I can deal with having a 0 on it. Kind of sucks that progress reports come out by the end of this week. I hope my grades are high enough.

Even though I am having a pretty crappy time lately in life, some good things are coming up.

Tomorrow – I find out if I won a really good computer. (PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN! I NEED IT!)

Dec. 7 – It may be the day Pearl Harbor was bombed but my 24 Season 3 DVDs come out. YAY!

Dec. 11-12 – A weekend, but not your average one. I will be home alone for the entire thing. My parents and brother are going up to the mountains for some club they joined. I said no to going. Now I will get to stay home. They implied lots of rules of things I can’t do. What makes them think I will listen?

Nothing really to do tonight. I had Taco Bell for dinner. I got me 5 crunchy tacos. Yum. :P Watched a little Monday Night Football. Don’t like either team but whatever. I think I will just lay in bed tonight watching TV and trying to get my homework done before midnight. :P I know, I’m a lazy ass. I just have too many things going on to care about school. My math teacher said that whatever we have afterschool is not important, your homework is. Well fuck him and fuck that. I will do what I want.

I know, I will probably fail most of my classes. Could care less. Seriously, I have never liked school. I only go because I am forced. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be there. Also, I find it stupid to suspend people. Don’t teachers want the kids to school so they get paid? Idiots.

Yes, I complain a lot. It is just the way I am.

Well, school was pretty, well, boring. Nothing good happened.

My day:

History – Our teacher made us do a group thing where we have to take a section of a chapter and right down important notes. Me and my friend worked together and I wrote notes. Then our teacher made us present. I was the only one in my group to present.

English – We had a subsitute. Some old lady. We had to get in our project groups to discuss how we will present the thing. One of the members already made the powerpoint but needs the info. We gave it to him. Then me, him, and another guy were talking about games, porn (just for fun :P ), and some other things. The girl who hates me talking about bad things was disturbed by what we said, so she left.

PE – We walked the track. Talked about nothing. Boring.

Science – We watched a video about viruses and shit. Learned about Smallpox and Mad Cow. Nothing much else.

Lunch – Went to the wall. Talked to my people about games and other things. I got stabbed with a pencil. (No, I’m not going into that.) One of my friends wasn’t there though. He hasn’t been at the wall for a few days.

Web Design – Me and my friend messed with our blogs. I added a copyright thing (look at bottom of page). I told him how to fix the colors and some other stuff.

Math – We got our tests back. I got a 30%. Ouch. I hate fucking math. This one girl who I can piss off easily, but doesn’t hate me asked what I got. I told her. She laughed. We always compete about who can get a better grade. I’m losing. The teacher told us that he was dissapointed in our tests. The same usual bullshit. This one guy who sits next to me got another detention slip. He gets one just about everyday. The teacher hates him.

And that’s about it for my school day.

Yep. It is time to go back to school. Yeppie (that was sarcasm people). I probably have these things happen to me; I will be yelled at, punched, kicked, given the finger, get told that I am hated, and some others. :P That is my usual day. And if you are wondering why, some people just hate me for things and how I sometimes act.

I like to do jokes and other things on people. Most of the time they hate it or take it far to serious. When that happens, the pain comes (Here Comes the Pain by Slayer comes to mind :P ).

Anyway, I got to get ready.

I have had one long day of stuff. I have mostly been playing Vampire: Bloodlines. I think I am about half way through it. Not too sure though. I like the music in the game. Very cool goth/industrial stuff. I like how the developers made the music easy to find in the directory. I had to work today (read “repairs” post). I watched a bit of TV, nothing good on. I ate some rice bowl thing. Tasted good. And if you are wondering why “G-man” is in the title, you haven’t played Half-Life or Half-Life 2. I have been reading up about how people have been finding him in the game. I have only seen him a few times. I think I’ll have to go back and look harder.

Anyway, I’m going try to find a DVD to put me to sleep. :P Hope I find a good one…