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Monthly Archives: August 2006

My playback through FEAR is still awesome. I still hate those REV6 Units though. Armored fucks.

I’ll do it in the morning.

Not much happened at school today. I came home and noticed that Boomerang (Cartoon Network owns the channel) was showing just about every episode of Superman: The Animated Series. Now back in the day I watched some of it, but holy crap, Darkseid is awesome.

I watched the Sentinel tonight and let me just say this, Kiefer pulled of some Jack Bauer moves. Oh, and the movie was good.

Ok, so I get to school and hang out with my people for a little bit and then the bell rings to go to the special home room. I get an updated schedule that added a better class than math so I was a wee bit happy. I go to first period which is that lame class Rhetoric. Boring. Next is being a TA for my Cisco teacher. I get minions to control. Fun. Then I wait in the same class for Cisco. They added the newbies in with us elite this year so we get to school them. Intersting. Forth period is Virtual Enterprise and it seems like a very interesting class. Should be fun. During lunch I turned in some stuff for the emergency card and then went to see a teacher who had me last year. I told her she gets to deal with my brother and we joked a bit. After lunch I headed to American Government. The teacher is a combo of nice and mean mixed up. You never know when to take him seriously, but whatever. Going to have to wait for fun factor. And lastly and most hated is Work Experience. I was totally caught off guard about it. I’m not going to go into it but I am changing that class for sure. Fuck that class.

That is about it. Now I get to fill shit out and get binders ready. Plus I bought some mofo sticky notes. :)

You really know that the school year has begun when you start sleeping through alarms. Crap.

The final day of vacation. I think I will just play Uplink all day, watch Reno 911, and kill people. That sounds like a great plan. Don’t you agree?

Today was fast paced. I did some driving again today while my mom shopped at the supermarket. We picked up lots of food and some snacks for the upcoming school year. I also bought the game Uplink off Steam where you are a hacker and take jobs from people. It is pretty intense. There have been a bunch of times when I was quickly trying to find a file to delete or password to crack before their trace finishes. I did have to start over once though because they got to me before I could finish disconnecting, so I started a new one and so far, I’ve got a clean record. Oh, and a backup of my save if I fuck up.

Ah Friday. The day that only leaves the weekend ahead. I got to drive around today for practice. I drove to the store for my parents and stuff like that. It was ok. Earlier in the day I played some FEAR Combat and got owned on the last map. My shotgun failed me.

Now I need free time to watch my recorded Stargate SG-1.

The blog finally reached 1000 hits. Now that is a milestone.

Where’s my phone call?