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Monthly Archives: July 2007

It is the end of July and it seems my bad luck had to slip in a few tricks today to fuck with me. First up, one of my cats used my head to jump on their kitty condo thing and gave me a big ol’ cut on my head which bleed like a motherfucker and when I put on the anti-infection crap the pain nearly made me want to punch a fucking hole in the wall. The next great thing to happen was my order for McDonald’s got screwed up and they put mayo all over my fucking Big ‘n’ Tasty. Thanks fuckers.

Let’s end the streak please…


What is there to say?

Give it a few more days…

Another battle lost.

Should I be?

Haven’t posted in two whole days. Oh my.

Wednesday I stayed home and did my usual shit that I do. Nothing special. Just the same old shit.

Yesterday (Thursday) I woke up home alone because my mom took my brother to church for a reason I’m not quite sure about. So I spend most of the day alone until my dad got home. After that I took a shower and got ready because I was going to Andrew’s house for the night. First I had to go to the store first and pick up the new Civilization IV expansion, Beyond the Sword. The first store I hit up was Target. They didn’t have it. Then I went to Wal-Mart. They didn’t have it. By then I was annoyed. So I headed over the freeway and went to Best Buy. Finally they had it so I purchased it and called up Christina because I couldn’t get a hold of Andrew earlier. I decided to drive over to Andrew’s house to see what was up. When I got there I called Christina to tell her what I noticed. His car was there but the only person at the house was his sister. She told me that he was out so I decided to pick up Christina. I drove to her house that is about 15 minutes down the freeway and picked her up. We talked on the way back to town and decided to hit up Blockbuster for a movie to watch when Andrew gets back. It ended up we couldn’t rent a movie because neither of us had a Blockbuster card so we then walked over to Baskin Robins and I treated Christina to a scoop of ice cream. I had Bubblegum while she had Orange Sherbert. Then we headed to the park near Andrew’s house while we waited. It was fully dark by then and pretty windy. We stayed there for a bit and then drove to Andrew’s where we only had to wait about 10 minutes for him finally to get home. All three of us ended up going to Blockbuster to finally rent the movie which we watched. It was Dead Silence or something like that. Lame movie but Christina got pretty scared which led to fingernail cuts on my hand. Then Andrew played my copy of The Darkness before we all crashed at around 3am.

I woke up this morning before any of them did. As time passed they woke up and I played the Playstation 2. Christina had to get ready to go to work and Andrew’s grandmother was going to take him shopping for clothes. So we all got ready and Andrew left first while I waited for Christina. Then both of us left and I drove her to the visitor’s area of the air force base where I dropped her off to get to work. After that I got home and played the Civilization expansion. My parents came home about an hour after I did and then we were off to the store. We dropped my brother off at work and then went to Pet Smart for some cat crap (not literally). The next stop was Sam’s Club where we picked up some things. The entire time I was there the shopping cart was the devil. Seriously. Every time I reached to touch it I got a nice big shock and it got progressively worse each time until I said fuck it. What the hell did I do to deserve it? My mom said I was being a dick and it was God getting mad at me or some shit. Yeah, whatever.

Now I am home and about to load up some more hot ‘n’ sexy Civ action. Time for my American Empire to conquer the fucking cheap ass Germans.

With the purchase of a car looming over me and all my graduation money going away I have ditched the MacBook Pro plan I’ve been working towards. Today I started looking for another laptop solution which I can use for school. I found a HP Pavilion DV6449US which, according to Circuit City, is an exclusive. For $749 it comes with a decent 1.8GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, DVD SuperMulti drive, and other various gizmos. $749 is not bad at all considering it is slightly less powerful than the $2300 MacBook Pro I wanted. I went to tell my dad about it just a bit ago and he tells me “Oh that’s nice. Do you have the money for it?” And I reply with “No, because I apparently get to pay for a car.” Then he says to me “Oh well. Looks like you won’t be getting it then.”

What. The. Fuck.

Life after high school sucks and I get fucked over once again.


I wrapped up The Darkness today. The last few levels of the game are intense. Very good game. I’m not going to spoil anything but I expect a sequel next year which is awesome. I’ll probably go through the game again and finish up some achievements and try some things I didn’t the first time through. Then I’ll go back to All-Pro Football 2K8 which I have neglected the last few days.

Earlier today I went with my parents to Costco for stuff and when we were driving back in to the driveway my mom tells me that I am supposed to take my grandma grocery shopping tomorrow or some shit. I instantly protested with “What the fuck!?” My protest was left with no answer. I didn’t get my license to drive my grandma around. So fucking lame. I could find better things to do.

I think I’ll play The Movies now or something.

I woke up this morning and pumped a few hours into The Darkness. Ended up earning the Black Hole gun which is fun to use. Then I did other things. Around 1pm I took my brother to various stores looking for a game he wanted. It wasn’t at Target or Wal-Mart so we headed to see Transformers. He seemed to like it. Then I headed over to Best Buy in town. They didn’t have the game so I ended up going down to Fairfield’s Best Buy and they had one left. We got out and my mom wanted us to stop by the pizza place where my brother works and pick up pizza for dinner. So I drove us over there and picked it up. That adventure took up a good chunk of my day.

The Darkness is one fucked up but totally awesome game. It’s a mob games in the beginning, then turns into a hitman with demonic powers shooter, and eventually you find yourself in the middle of one of the craziest but most awesome plots this year. The game is hard at times though.

As for other things, I am working out money issues and trying to get a car to drive. I’ll be needing one before August 20th as that is the day my college classes start (classes I still need to pay for). Although I do have just under a month to sort the car situation out.

And lastly, what is with people waiting at midnight to get a stupid book. It’s not life and death people, just some British boy wizard who needs to die.

Going to the movies was fun last night. :)