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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Maximum force readiness.


Today is the day. DEFCON gets released this morning, but I get to go to school sick unless…


Increased force readiness (less than maximum).


I think I’m starting to get sick. I’ve had a sore throat since this morning and it isn’t going away.


Increased force readiness.


Doom never gets old. It is even better when on Xbox Live.

Peacetime; Increased intelligence; Strengthened security measures.


Today was mixed. I would have to say most of it sucked though. Meh.



Tomorrow I get to dress all fancy for an “interview” in Virtual Enterprise. I hope I do well, but anything can happen. As usual I haven’t done much today. My mom keeps bitching at me for getting annoyed by her watching stupid shit on TV. She starts one things, then stops, starts another, stops, and over and over. Also, soap operas are the stupidest shit on the planet and the writers should be tortured until death. Oh, and what is my mom’s excuse for her having to keep watching something or rewatching something she has seen? She fell asleep. She always does. STAY FUCKING AWAKE!

Tomorrow kicks off my countdown for DEFCON which gets released on Friday. It will be glorious, oh, and very nuketacular.

Global warming ain’t got shit on me.

Not going into detail but my fingers hurt and I have a headache.

Today my parents are working at some Scottish Games thing, but my mom is still here because she is slow to do anything. After she leaves I get to be all by myself. What, oh what, to do?

Earlier I started a skirmish on CoH. 3v3 match where I was Allies with 2 AI partners vs. 3 Axis forces. At the start we appeared to be winning until about 20 minutes in the Axis deployed their armor. I took the hill (the level is Hill 331 IIRC) and built defenses. I also put up tank traps to delay the Axis armor. We were pushed back pretty far but I managed to hold the hill. Now the Axis is deploying Panther tanks, tough motherfuckers. And that is where I saved to continue later today.

This morning I played a little Project Gotham Racing 3. I am working on getting that Rank 1 achievement. I also made a playlist on my iPod for the game.

And on a side-note, DEFCON gets released on Friday which will be awesome to play over next weekend. Hopefully the week goes by fast.

Fucking wind ruined my morning.

My brother has finally been grounded.

Fuck yes!