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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Bakersfield. Whoa. The trip ranks as best and craziest field trip ever. Ever. So much happened in the time we were there. Let us rewind to Tuesday. Shall we?

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Why won’t Milan die? I have taken all known towns and the fuckers are still around. Portugal and Denmark are now at war with me. A three way ware and my forces are losing to massive enemy armies. I’ve lost two settlements to Denmark. Considering that I feel Milan is no longer a large threat I plan on unleashing my remaing forces towards Denmark and bunker down my rear armies to fight back Portugal. It’s not looking good, but I’m not going down without a fight.

This will be my last post until either Thursday night or Friday. I’ll probably be tired as hell when I get back. Anyway, I got stuff to back so bye.

Tomorrow is the big day. We leave for the trade fair in Bakersfield. Although I will have to endure a full school day before the very long bus ride there. Hopefully very little things will happen tomorrow so the day goes by fairly quick. The bus ride will probably be a bit boring. All of the people going are pretty tired after days of preparing. I just plan on listening to music and talking with people all the way down.

As for the title, I am working on wiping Milan off the fucking map in Medieval 2. Fuck them. They lose battle after battle. The captured men, executed without remorse. The foolish empire has refused surrender and being absorbed by my English empire. I feel no pity. Once they are finished I plan to conquer all of Western Europe. Nothing shall stand in my way.

Except maybe the trip.

Oh well.

I’ll have one more post for you tomorrow before I leave.

The day started off with my continuing to watch my new-fangled DVDs. After a few episodes I played more into my English campaign in Medieval 2: Total War. I finished conquering the British Isles and then I sent an invasion force to the mainland. After a cruel attack on my empire by the foolish forces of Milan I moved towards their closet settlements and quickly conquered them. My forces were mostly outnumbered but the brave men in those armies fought hard and won. The empire of Milan should fall soon.

Back to normal life now.

After the 49ers’ game (they lost) I had to head to school (yes, I said school) to work on last minute projects in Virtual Enterprise. Only a few people showed up on this rainy, dreary, dismal, dark, wet, depressing, stormy day. We were in there for around three and a half hours. Although we were in there for so long yet we only got a few things done. With only two more periods left to get the work done for the trip to Bakerfield, will we get it done? Will the English come out victorious? Will we win the competition? Will the sun explode killing us on Friday? Can we possibly be #1?


I’m done. OR AM I!?

What a day. I woke up, watched DVDs, played a little Medieval 2: Total War, got a bit sick in the stomach, and then saw Casino Royale for a second time.

:) – stomach thing = alright day

To my suprise this Black Friday was less hectic than last year. Probably because most stores opened at midnight. Anyway I socred some nice loot at Best Buy.

Anime Legends – Gundam Wing Part I
Anime Legends – Gundam Wing Part II
Roughnecks – Starship Troopers Chronicles: The Complete Campaign

I don’t get the Gundam DVDs until Christmas and my birthday but I now have Roughnecks to watch. :)

I took the latter of my choices. Now I’m all alone with microwavable food. I really don’t feel like doing anything. And to top it off, my head hurts.

Life sucks.

Today is Thanksgivings Day. I will either be dragged out of the house for dinner at a family friend’s house or I will be an ass and stay home. I’m leaning towards the latter. That was I can relax and play some Medieval II: Total War. I will also require a lot of rest tonight for the always crazy Black Friday. It’s going to be hell.

The DaVinci Code is one boring fucking movie. So boring I slept through it.

People thought this shit was real?

I’m out of school for five days. Should give me enough time to relax before next week’s trip. We still need to get things done but I am feeling confident that we can in time.

Earlier I watched this thing I DVRed about Hitler’s dream for a new Germany (which was supposed to happen if they won the war). He wanted to basically plow down Berlin and rebuild a supercity. Then mega-buildings would be built to show the power of the Nazis. Some of the ideas were insane. One was a stadium that sat 400,000 people and the highest point was 300 feet. He also wanted a “Great Hall” thing where the dome rose higher than the Eiffle Tower. I have to say that the man was creative.