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2007 was a crazy year. Many things have happened and each moment had some form of meaning. From the surprises to the failures, it has been one hell of a year. So many new things in what seemed as such little time. Transitioning from a high school student to an adult in college. With so many things it is hard to choose a single place to begin, so lets look back and remember the past year.

Note: It is not my intention to offend anyone. I am just giving the details of events from my point of view or from what I remember.

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It has been a long 30 hours.

Thanksgiving was yesterday. My family had plans to go to one of my aunt’s house for it. My dad worked for half of the day so we didn’t schedule to leave until around 4:30pm, so I played if off as a normal day. Put in a little time in Call of Duty 4 and then challenged my brother to a few matches. We basically tied up. I also got caught up with Mythbusters and watched them blow up a fish with a minigun. That was bad ass. Before my dad came home my mom started bitching at me to get ready to go if I wanted to. I decided that I should go if I wanted to eat that night so I got ready just as my dad walked in. My mom continued to bitch until I was out of the bathroom. We left about ten minutes later and headed over to pick up my grandmother. After getting her we got on the freeway for the hour or so drive. I dozed off a little bit while listening to my iPod. I wasn’t in the mood to get in any conversations.

We got there around 5:30-5:45pm. The house is at the base of the foothills and it was pretty dark without street lights. Everyone got out of the car and everyone bitched at me to help my grandmother out and to the door. I did only to hear her bitch about how I made her walk on the grass to the door because I didn’t notice a dark fucking path a little farther. Oh fucking well. We get in and say our hellos and stuff. Two of my cousins come out and start talking. Being the usual me I avoided everyone for the most part. My aunt’s boyfriend (they will be getting married next year) went out and started a little camp fire so I took the opportunity to snap of some photos (will be uploaded sometime today). My cousins came out and wanted to know if I wanted to play the Xbox they had. I followed and watched as the older one beat the crap out of the younger one in Fight Night Round 3. The younger one started bitching and moaning and the older one gave him the “tough shit” look. So the youngest challenges me and I kick his ass. He demanded a rematch but I said no. After a while I just traversed around trying to find something to do before dinner. When it finally came I sat down to eat my first plate. As I did everyone commented about how I am actually eating and shit like that. My mom said that it is a surprise since I am “picky.” Then my grandmother said that I was “skinny.” All this was said as if I wasn’t in the room. I wanted to speak up and slam their asses for it but I didn’t want to create a shitstorm. After my second plate I got the fuck out. Everyone went to sit out by the fire until dessert and my brother starting getting in a fight with my cousins. That was broken up after they started talking shit about girlfriends. For dessert I just ate chocolate chip cookies and all the older folks started talking about “What’s you favorite rock song of all time?” and shit like that. This lasted two fucking hours so I decided to lay back on a couch and listen to my iPod. Then my youngest cousin came up after a while and started shaking me to play Uno. I told him I didn’t want to but the ADHD crazed fucker didn’t stop so I finally told him “NO!” and he backed the fuck off. I continued my rest until it was time to go.

By then I was already pretty tired so I rested on the car ride back into town. When we got home my mom asked me to check the Black Friday ads to see if I saw anything “for cheap.” I looked through Best Buy and noticed they had a $599 Gateway laptop that was the same configuration as the $799 HP I’ve been dying to get. I show my mom and see tells me to convince my dad. So somehow it came out to where it is part Christmas and Birthday present but I have to pay for part of it. Not sure how the fuck it got to that but just wait until you hear what we did.

I tell them that the store opens at 5am but they are handing out tickets for the items (for reservation) at 3am. My dad is all grumpy because he worked but my mom wanted him to come for “protection.” We get out there at around midnight and see the line. It didn’t look that bad until we turned the corner. The line wrapped around two sides of the store so we quickly get in a spot. More people show up and my parents begin to talk to them to burn time. Interesting people all wanting different things. My dad went home to get some chairs as it would be a while before we were going to be able to move. He comes back and my mom wraps herself in a blanker and sits along with my dad. I get no chair as this whole adventure is for me. So I stand, in the cold, for three hours. Then it happened. A mad rush of people start moving closer to the front as the tickets were being handed out. I kicked my parents chairs to wake their asses up and we rush with the crowd. We end up farther up and awaiting the ticket people. It happens that everyone in the front of the line wanted laptops and it seemed as if my hopes were being crushed. Everyone else around us got what they needed but my dream slowly died every minute. Some tried to get closer to the front to get tickets before they were supposed to so we tried with no luck. My dad told me to put the chairs in the car as it appeared we would be standing for a while. So I did and come back only to find someone heard what I wanted and managed to pick up a reservation for me. I was shocked. No clue what to say but “thanks.” They were also looking for a laptop, although not the same as I was. As a sign of thanks I tried to find the one they wanted. In the end she got the same as me as the one she wanted was gone but we both got laptops so it was a good deal I guess. Finally when the store opened its doors everyone rushed the checkout with their reservations. We got so many wrong directions we were fucking lucky to get a good place in line. About ten to fifteen minutes later we had the laptop in hand and out the door.

Both of them were tired and went to bed when we got home earlier. I stayed up and got my new laptop ready for use. As I let it charge I took a powernap and woke up when it was fully charged. So for the last few hours now I have been setting it up for use at school and home. I plan for it to be an entertainment and school work laptop. I might throw on some games if they run (which some should as it is a fairly powerful entertainment laptop).

All I know is that a downer of a holiday turned around (aside from almost failing). I never want to do that early or shopping ever again.