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Monthly Archives: March 2006

I was going through the mall earlier today and walked past the Warehouse. I looked in a saw a bunch of DVDs on a table with a sign saying “Buy 1 get 1 free!” I looked at which DVDs they had. Bunch of TV show box sets. Then I saw Stargate SG-1. They had all 8 seasons. I like the show and haven’t seen that many of the first few episodes. So I bought season 1 and got season 2 for free. I just got done watching the pilot episode and the second one. Good stuff. Now to save up money for the other 6 seasons. :P


Oblivion, virtual crack. I enjoy living in another world with my alternate self (lvl 8 Warrior). Anyway, here is a recap of some of the important crap that has gone on in real life.

I’ve been slacking lately in a lot of things. School is no interest anymore. I keep skipping homework and then rushing to do it in the morning. Summer can’t come soon enough. And to make it worse, STAR testing is coming. Fucking state.

My computer repair teacher won’t let me build the new computers because of some dumb reason. Another person and me used whatever screw we could get our hands on before the bell rung to secure the motherboard just until the next day so we could finish it. Well, the next day the teacher yells at us for it and tells me that I can’t help them. This has lasted three fucking days. We can’t tell him what we actually meant by it because he has been really pissy that last few days and giving people detentions and shit. So all I get to do is read the manuals for the group. Fucked up shit.

I started to doze off in more classes lately. It isn’t just math anymore. Now I do it in english. Sugar and caffeine don’t help at all.

Other than school shit my brain has been wandering off to an alternate universe filled with better things than the current time. Wish I could be there.

Now I have to go back to Hell, for the 7th damn time. STOP TELLING ME TO CLOSE THE GATES AND DO IT YOURSELF!

Oblivion owns my life. I’ll try and do an actual update in the morning or tomorrow afternoon.

Cats are weird.

I’m lost.

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ArenaNet, I love you, for you are cool and letting me try out the new Guild Wars all weekend.

I shall make you proud.

Oh shitty day, you’re no fun.

I stayed home from school because I woke up wanting to puke. I managed to keep it down but still felt like shit. So I slept for a few hours. I forced my stomach to take down some waffles and drank some water. Morning TV blows and I had to wait until noon for anything good to come on. Now I have a fucking fever and am burning in my room with the fan at full.


No new Seconds From Disaster tonight. :( Atleast we get a new The Unit.