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2007 was a crazy year. Many things have happened and each moment had some form of meaning. From the surprises to the failures, it has been one hell of a year. So many new things in what seemed as such little time. Transitioning from a high school student to an adult in college. With so many things it is hard to choose a single place to begin, so lets look back and remember the past year.

Note: It is not my intention to offend anyone. I am just giving the details of events from my point of view or from what I remember.

My senior year of high school. Wow. If there was a time to relive, it would be that. Epic on all counts. The classes. The people. The trips. Epic. It is amazing to think it is all in the past now, a memory of a good time. It went by in a blink of an eye. The school year began again after the long needed Christmas break. We come back to prepare ourselves for the first round of finals. Once again the “Finals Virus” struck its wrath. I survived and went through to the second semester. As the weeks fly by more memorable moments happen and trips arise. The two early trips of the semester were the Oakland trade fair for Virtual Enterprise and the Cisco trip. In February a select few from the Cisco class and Virtual Enterprise headed to San Jose to visit the Cisco Headquarters. It was an interesting experience and I learned that I never want to work for them. Way too complicated for my tastes. Oakland on the other hand, while not as crazy as November ’06’s Bakersfield experience, was still quite different from my expectations. It showed that our Virtual Enterprise company was ready for just about anything in terms of teamwork and participation (for the most part) and it was the start of something new (more on that later). Even though some errors caught up to us we still managed to do well. In May was prom which was really the first dance I actually went to. It was a fun night and had its share of moments. From prom to June could be called the home stretch. School continued on until the June rush hit. Those eight days were crazy. The great moments of senior year are there. Great America (or Senior Trip) and Sober Grad Night were two of the best days during my time in high school. Great America, even being the day after a moment of woe, was an amazing experience. I managed to turn the week around and have the best time possible. The entire day was action packed as I rode coasters, talked to old friends, and just hung out. It helped turn the week around. Sober Grad Night was the best possible way to end the senior year. The last “hoorah” as some would say. Although, since graduation there are many people, that I would talk to everyday at school, who I have not seen or heard since that warm June night. It is one of those things I always think about. Maybe we will run into each other some day. Who knows. I do miss high school. Even though it became a pain in the ass at times I miss just being there, in one place and one time, with all my friends. It’s something you never forget.

With Oakland, prom, the Senior Trip, and Sober Grad Night came its own beginnings and ends. Oakland, you could say, was the official start of the relationship between Jen and myself. It came as a surprise to some, others not so much. Originally it started out as just asking her if she wanted to go to prom with me. Over time it built up and during Oakland it was “official” in a sense. Months flew by and then came Thursday, May 31st. It was the day before the Senior Trip. Prom pictures were being handed out at lunch and so I went to pick them up. After getting them I headed back to go give Jen her photos. She broke the new and it had come to an end. I accept it for what it was. Looking back I try not to think about the end but the good parts. We may not speak very often anymore but I don’t put shame or dislike towards the issue. It happened and I keep on living. It is just something that happens. The next day during the Senior Trip, during my rampages through the park, I caught up with Kathy once or twice and chatted briefly. It was really the first time we actually saw each other long enough to get a decent conversation in since way back in 9th grade when we were in the same science class wrecking havoc on the teacher at our troublesome table. By the time the day of graduation came around I had mixed emotions about many things. So many things in my mind going around. After the ceremony was waiting for Sober Grad Night. Everyone in the gym talking about all sorts of things. I saw Kathy and started chatting it away, challenging to different games, like laser tag. The night was pretty good. Surprisingly we teamed up for the night and did lots of things and contested to go-karts. The week after school ended she went on vacation for a few weeks. After she got back, what we had/didn’t have ended. I have remained neutral on the subject. We still talk frequently and hang out, such as our No Country for Old Men experience. As for now I haven’t been out in the “zone” so to speak. Maybe I’ll go back in someday.

Summer was pretty average, although I was more active than previous summers, but it didn’t start off well. A week after I graduated my grandfather (from my mom’s side) died. It was a tough week for everyone as we rushed to prepare for the funeral. After the funeral the healing process began. Within two weeks it seemed as if life was back to normal for the most part. But the effect lingered over. The rest of my summer went on with me going to many movies with a bunch of friends including Kathy, John, Kel, and Andrew. These trips included Ocean’s 13, Live Free or Die Hard, Transformers, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Shoot ‘Em Up, and Bourne Ultimatum. Between those movie experiences I mainly stayed in town, usually at home. I spent time with Andrew and my long time friend Daniel. I avoided family events like the fucking plague, except for those times I really had to. I also tried to a few times to find work but with no luck. Eventually summer started to lose steam at it was the time to prepare for college. I registered a few weeks before school started. Choosing the classes the officials told me to choose. This would turn out to suck. The last good pair of things that occurred during summer was getting my license (even though I failed the first time due to my lead foot) and buying my car. The car was the real official end to the summer as I got it the Friday of the weekend before school. Last minute is always fun.

College, you could say, has been a giant pain in the ass from start to finish. The classes I was told to take turned out to be lower level ones that I can outsmart everyone quite easily. English has been boring. All my previous teachers saw that I have my own way of writing to get my essays done, but this teacher has been a thorn in my side since Day 1. She has her own method she wants us all to learn “to become better writers.” In my opinion it is a waste of time and I can do without it. I find the class a waste of time. I know how to get stuff done in my own ways but they keep insisting to do it the “official” way. Whenever I get back my essays now I automatically expect B’s or C’s due to her lack of taste in my writing. She has noted though that I am a good writer but need to follow the rules they give to become better. Why would I want to be the same as everyone else when I can be different? After the CME went by I had to wait until the last class meeting to find out if I passed the class or not. It turned out that I did pass both the CME and the class. The CME was beaten with the minimum score of 8 (out of 12). As for the class itself, I passed with a solid B. The teacher said I could have done better if I put myself into it more, but a B works for me. Algebra, or Math 102, has been boring. I flew through the first couple of chapters easily as it was a recap of the class I took Junior year in high school. After that we started to dive into more complicated material that I never did in high school. At first I was a bit confused but after that I breezed my way past chapters and tests. Some of the stuff can be tough but I do my best to get it over with. The teacher always seems to mark me down for things, be it not showing work (which I do very often) and other little items. Other than that it is your average math class. Macroeconomics is another story. The class is downright boring and I can’t seem to get much of a handle on it. The teacher tries to make it seem fun and comes up with interesting examples to teach the class but for whatever reason it doesn’t click with me. The tests kick my ass, although I average a D usually. I have hung on with a C for most of the semester. Luckily the class didn’t offer any major assignments other than writing about articles and the usual homework questions. Now I get to wait until grades are released to see how I did. My fourth and final class, Counsel 50 which is also known as Career Planning, has been interesting throughout the semester. My expectations for the class were low but it turned out quite different. The teacher is full blooded German, although you wouldn’t think it as he speaks perfect English (his second language). Fun guy who likes to joke. He can be serious at times and go on about topics for quite a while which can bore the class. It has been a very helpful class though. I’ve gotten a since of what kind of careers sound good for me while showing that money isn’t as important as one might think. It is the love of what you do that is. Throughout the semester he has given us various assignments to see where we fall in the job market and projects that helped us research and prepare ourselves for the application and interview process. I’m still trying to sort out which direction to go in the hunt for a career but the class has narrowed it down quite a bit. Other than the classes college life isn’t what I expected. In fact it is pretty boring. Just wake up, go to school, drag myself through class, and survive the dreaded breaks. The day to day activities vary. Lastly, just because it fits somewhere in here, I can’t forget the whole “B” thing. As of now it seems as a lost cause. Nothing has been made of it, aside from my lack of trying hard enough. Who knows, we could end up in the same English class next year for all I know, unless I end up changing schools, but that is a whole other matter.

This last year has also been good to my electronic lifestyle. My lucky (or unlucky) computer has received two decent upgrades. RAM and video. The computer was started to get a tad bit slow for my tastes so I threw in another chip of 1GB RAM to make the machine haul 2GB. As for video I upgraded from the low/mid-range ATI X1300 Pro to the PNY nVidia GeForce 8500GT with 512MB of video RAM. What a difference now. Games work better, graphics improved, and overall the computer just plain runs faster. Just like new almost. Although next year I’m going to see about a full overhaul. We’ll see how that goes. The other big thing was the laptop I got on Black Friday. It may have been hell to get but I got it and love it. With the laptop my breaks during school have been easier and now I can be more mobile with my IM conversations and other internet activities. Sometimes it seems I use it more than my desktop. I should look into a bigger battery though as the standard doesn’t hold much juice for those long waiting periods, so I mainly leave it plugged in at home. My iPod seems to losing itself though. The screen is starting to crap out and I’m not sure if I have a warranty on it or not. The colors are washed out and freakishly bright. Maybe I can get one of those 80GB Classics if the damn thing goes dead. Hopefully. As for my camera, even though it is lacking in power, I have managed to take some pretty good photos. I am impressed at what I can do given the right conditions. My plan for next year includes getting a decent SLR with some lenses and go wild. I might have to team up with Jon to help him when he starts his mini photo business. It could be lots of fun.

If there is one website that I visited the most this last year it would have to be Shacknews. I have spent hundreds of hours in the latest chatty talking the night away with some of the craziest people on the internet. Although they are also some of the coolest people you can meet. Discussions vary (wildly I might add) and you can get help with pretty much anything. During the last year I have been part of various Shack business. One of the biggest and, quite possibly, most infamous flops happened during the summer. One of the Shackers found an online game called OGame. A bunch of us decided to try it out. At first it was addicting and none of the group members could let go. Constantly upgrading buildings and technologies as we would team up on the other players to conquer the game, ShackHorde style. A few of us, including me, played psychological warfare on the forums to the game, even going as far as making up a cult-like religion to terrorize the other players. The other players had no clue what we were talking about and made threats that they would attack once we got out of “n00b” status. As some of the higher players reached that point they found that the other players teamed up on our Horde. This occurred night after night, day after day. Soon some of our members started to leave and a few dedicated stayed. As the group diminished the few hardcore players continued to plan in our IRC channel. We dealt with spies and the like on daily basis. Soon a lot of us gave up. Then one day everyone in the Horde stopped playing. Before everyone made the mass exodus from the game it was the center of attention for weeks on the latest chatty. After the failure of the Horde it disappeared from regular chats aside from when some would bring it up to avoid the same thing happening to other ventures (the same thing happened recently with another game called Perfect Competition). A few of the former players bring it up at times to remember the fun wild times we had in the IRC chat room. Those were good times.

The combination of college and Shacknews has also lead to meeting some interesting new friends. From the crazy Canadian to the cool kids in Bakersfield (unrelated to the field trip in 2006). Although I’m not too good of friends with the new people I have met in college we still talk during class and get some good laughs. Surprisingly though the Shack has had the greatest impact in new friendships. Before the summer I knew one Shacker locally (the one who referred me to the site) and the ones I showed the Shack to. I sort of knew another Shacker on the east coast because I had kicked his ass in DEFCON way back when and ever since we have had a fake rivalry in which interesting conversations started. When the summer came it was the OGame adventure. During the IRC chats I talked and joked with other Shackers playing the game. One of them was a Shacker named Solstice (real name Jason). We joked a lot, although some were directed towards me for a certain wall painting. He also helped start the fake ShackHorde religion. I gave him the position of the lead preacher so to speak. We really fucked with the minds of others. Also, he is the crazy Canadian as previously mentioned. As for the Bakersfield boy and girls, I met the two Shackers of the group through OGame as well. They were Ratalon (Carter) and Galadriel07 (Tammi). Once the failure of the game came upon us we kept up with the conversations through AIM and such. A month or two later we became good friends and chatted every night joking around and other interesting topics. After some troublesome moments the three of us became good friends. Tammi graduated from CSUB at the end of November and even though I was originally supposed to go down and be there (complications) I see managed to enjoy the night via web cam. We joke a lot along with her husband Carter who so close to being like me it is scary. Dirty jokes are abound usually which makes the chats always interesting. After a while Tammi introduced me to her friend Ashlee who had been going through some trouble in life. We started talking and it took off like a rocket. Many similarities between us were exposed and we talked every night over the web cam and sent texts and calls to each other throughout the day. We are pretty close now and we seem to be a good match in terms of personality and the like. I always enjoy talking with her. It is something I can look forward to just about every night. I met them in person when they came up (and down, at least for Carter) to visit. Carter was the first to arrive as he was closer. We chatted and he met my dad (to ease relations) and then we shot each other in Call of Duty 4. The girls arrived a little bit later and they had packed the car quite tight. A little packing/unpacking action later and we went to lunch at Tahoe Joe’s. We joked and had good laughs and it felt as if we have known each other for a long time. The next day Ashlee came back up and we went shopping. We had a great time at the mall and when it was time to leave we didn’t want to part. I will be going down to see them for New Years and we should have a blast.

The things that have had the biggest impact on my year has been from family and friends. Throughout the year I have complained about my crazy ass family and the wacky fucking adventures that come from them. It has been a roller coaster ride from start to finish. The year started with my Aunt Michelle trying to get over the separation from her husband (my Uncle Charlie). Her boys (cousins Eli and Bo) have been figuring out where the fit in ever since. My aunt has gotten help from her new fiance Darrell. He has helped her get through this and has managed to gain the trust of the youngest of the boys, Bo. Eli on the other hand realizes that it is the best for his mom. Next year he will be going off the college (he is a year or so younger than I am) and so he is spending a lot of time with his family while his high school years wind down. Bo has ADD or something and can go nuts in a matter of minutes. Anything can cause him to so whenever he is around my idiot brother they usually get in some kind of argument and then a fight of sorts until broken up. Michelle and Darrel planned to get married sometime in 2008 but I’m sure some kind of drama will pop up along the way. Hopefully I don’t hear about it everyday from my mom as I did during the separation. It annoyed the shit out of me. My Uncle Kurt has been a dick to me lately. The only thing he gave me for Christmas and my birthday was a card saying “How does it feel to be an adult?” No money, no present, just a fucking card. He is not getting a thank you from me. Fucker. My Aunt Tammy has also forgotten Christmas and my birthday for the last two years. So fuck her too. I tell my mom not to give her kids presents but she does anyway saying it is not fair. I retort saying it is not fair that I get fucked over but it seems no one cares about little ol’ me. The biggest thing, which I talked about earlier, was my grandfather dying a week or so after I graduated. I had been home alone for much of the week as my mom stayed with him and my grandmother. It was about 6am or so when I got a call from my dad when I heard that he died. I quickly got to bed and ready for my dad to pick me up. We headed over and I saw his body in the bed, lifeless. It was pretty hard to take in. I ended up sitting on the couch and taking a nap (partly because I was kind of tired). When I woke up the funeral home guys arrived to pick him up after everyone saw him during my nap. As they walked out the rest of the family followed and I stayed behind. It was then the moment hit me. I burst into tears as the emotions quickly rushed my senses. I realized it was real and not a dream. Over the course of the next week the home alone spell continued as my parents worked on getting the funeral prepared. When the funeral arrived many people came, lots who I never met before. It was a somber occasion. The priest let those who attended to most of the talking as he wanted it to feel more personal for everyone. Many had a chance to speak and it seemed as if some wanted me to speak as the priest mentioned that the last thing my grandfather did before he died was attend my graduation. I really couldn’t think of anything to say and ignored the “call.” As I look back on that it probably wasn’t the best thing to do as I kind of appeared to be an asshole (in my opinion) but I was drained after everything that happened in the last month (the other would be the break up with Jen). The little positive note to come out of the funeral was the fact that my mom finally acknowledge (sort of) my dislike for religion. It was a little up for an otherwise downer of a day. The recovery from my grandfather dying took quite a while. During that time internal family troubles arose. From legal crap to my immediate family. Home life since then has been hell. Since I’m not the most active person in the world my days usually consist of staying home doing various things. Everyday I get yelled at for something. I expect it. It can be for the stupidest reasons too. My parents always find something that will cause them to get mad at me. Not only that but they also get on my nerves. Always asking questions or over and over because they can’t seem to hear worth a shit. My mom is the worst offender. She will come to me after everyday of school and ask how my day was. Every day I tell her it sucked and was boring (which is pretty accurate for the most part). I always ask her why she insists on asking when everyday is the same. She doesn’t give a straight answer. Other stupid questions come from her mouth on a daily basis and she sometimes doesn’t hear when I answer some of them so I have to repeat myself endlessly. My dad on the other hand has to be nosy. He always wants to know every detail about every little thing I do. It really doesn’t help when I want to do something and he asks “Who’s going?”, “What are you doing?”, “Are there adults?” I mean come on for fuck sakes. I legally am an adult. They don’t need to treat me like this. When I ask why they do my dad says it is because I live in their house under their rules and I don’t have a job to move out so I am stuck under their authority. Bullshit. My dad also keeps telling me to get a job and that if I fuck up he will take me down to the recruiting office and sign me up for the Air Force (although since I am an adult I don’t see how that is possible). As for my brother, he’s just an asshole. Always starting shit up for stupid reasons. Luckily since school started up again for him in August he isn’t home much so I can relax usually. Every few days or so he has friends over playing on the Xbox or doing other things. The one thing that annoys the shit out of me from him is that he plays his music loud as hell. You can be in any room in the house and hear it. Even from outside as he always leaves his window open. Now he does listen to decent music (rock and metal) but he also listens to shitty rap which I get to suffer. My parents don’t get mad at him for being loud but if I do it, hell gets unleashed. Totally fucking unfair. Earlier in the year he also used to shove the fact that he had a job in my face. So what. I get to stay home while he works. Since school started back up for him though his grades have slipped so he is temporally out of a job. Sucks to be him. Friends on the other hand are totally another story. During the last half of high school I really only hung out with my friends during school while staying at home during the evenings and weekends. When school ended many of those friends disappeared except for a handful. I hung out a lot with Andrew during the summer going to movies and the like. I also went with John and Kel a few times. After college started I was over at Andrew’s pretty much everyday. We had good fun. A little bit into college we had a crisis of sorts that damaged some ties, known only as the “subplot.” It took until recently to solve for the most part. The beginning of the year was good while the last few weeks were rocky. I’m hoping that 2008 returns everything to normal.

Life hasn’t been the only thing to change in the past twelve months. This blog has changed numerous times. From themes to the name. Most of that was just me trying to bring a new feeling to the place. I went through too many themes to list. As for blog names, I have gone from the dark room in the corner to dominative state of mind and now outside the norm. Do I expect to change it again next year? Maybe, maybe not. It’s all up to how life is going at the time. As for themes, you can bet your ass on that. Earlier this year I also ported over as many posts from my previous blogs to WordPress. Although I am missing an entire year it is fairly complete. I have no clue where those posts are. How about some stats for this year?

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What can I expect in 2008? Who knows. School starts back up in January so that will eat up half the year. Will probably meet some new people although who knows if I will become close or good friends with them. As for the friends I already have we will probably hang out like always, but hopefully less drama. I will also make attempts to go to and see Ashlee, Tammi, and Carter as much as I can. I might also have to fix up the car a bit after the torture I have put it through in the few months I have had it. I am hoping it doesn’t cost too much but it probably will. Probably will do some computer upgrades or an overhaul if need be. I also will try and avoid the 360 dying again, although it tried to die on me for the second time in mid-December (the first time it died totally was May). For family, I have no damn clue. They are random as hell and I can never see anything coming when it comes to them. Probably more bullshit to follow and annoy me next year. Oh yeah, The Dark Knight and the new Indiana Jones movie comes out next year. That should own. As for anything else, it is a mystery, one I am willing to take in as it comes. 2008 is looking good, lets hope it turns out that way.


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