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Everyone loves montages.

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Today was quite a day. Started off with English which seemed to fly by and prove that I know more than most people, still. Then it was a race back to town where I got the car filled up and then headed home. When I got home I prepared myself for an interview.

Yesterday while I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV online I got a call on my cellphone. No phone number was listed so I didn’t bother answering it. They left a message so I played it. Turns out it was Walgreens responding to my online application that I filled out way back when. I called them up and got an interview scheduled. Fast-forward to today and I headed over. When I first got there I filled out the rest of the required stuff and then found the manager and headed to the back for the interview. I handed her my resume and references and then she explained everything. It seemed to go well from my perspective and then she handed me the form for the required drug test. I said my “Thank you”‘s and “Have a good day”‘s and headed off to the place. I had to go to one of the medical centers in town and got the test taken care of. So now I get to wait a few days to find out if I got the job. It’d be nice to get some income going since I am dead broke with summer closing in. I would be making $8.80 if I do get the job which rocks.

A few hours ago I accidentally smashed my knee into my door on the side of it. It is swollen and purple. I applied some ice to lessen it but it didn’t seem to work. It hurts like a bitch. Hopefully it isn’t anything serious and gets better or I am fucked. Such a crazy fucking day.

Lastly, I hope everything goes well for my good friend Lauren and her roommate. I’m here for you.

I finished up Grand Theft Auto IV this morning. The ending I got (there are two to be exact) was the happier of the two, if you can even say that. The last mission was pretty annoying but I managed to get through. Now it is on to multiplayer. Should be fun.

As for today I am typing this in my computer science class during a lecture. I could of skipped this class if I knew there would be no roll call. The teacher is talking about useless stuff that won’t be on the final so I am not bothering to listen. Later on today is my last test before the final in math. I’m hoping I can get a passing grade on it to keep my overall grade to a C. Just got to keep positive. I also need to find time tonight to write up a quick short essay about the film Crash (the racist one) for English. I don’t really give a shit about it but I will quickly bullshit it to get it out of the way. After this essay I am pretty much done with anything big until the week of the 19th when finals start. Time should fly by.

I’m still working my way through Grand Theft Auto 4 and things are getting interesting. The missions are getting crazier and a bit harder each time. The last mission that I enjoyed a lot was similar to a certain scene in the movie Heat. It was fucking awesome. I’m sure bigger missions are to come.

On another note, Iron Man was awesome as well. Good stuff all around.

Grand Theft Auto IV is awesome. Pure. Fucking. Awesome.

It’s the weekend before my midterm is due and I feel like crap. Stuffed nose, sore throat, headache, fever, a few aches and pain. It fucking sucks. I popped some meds earlier and continued to work on the midterm. I am pretty sure it is done but I may tweak it a bit as Tuesday gets closer. There isn’t much else I can write for it so I am semi happy with it. My computer science teacher thought it would be an awesome idea to make the last lab of the year due Wednesday so I get to make a four page website. I’ll probably end up doing that Tuesday night.

In other news I have been playing Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars lately. I managed to beat the GDI campaign so far (this is my first time doing the campaigns in the game even though I have had it for a while now). After working on the midterm I started the Nod campaign. Should be interesting.

And as for Grand Theft Auto IV, well I won’t be getting it until Wednesday or Thursday as I could only afford 2-day shipping from Gamestop and the fact I am saving gas by not going to the store. It also lets me have time to do the website as I would end up playing the game all day and forget. Although I am hoping there are no big assignments next weekend as I will be playing all damn day once it arrives. It is going to own so hard.

I have kept myself somewhat busy over the last fews days. Torn between finally get around to playing through Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (before Grand Theft Auto IV comes out) and Sins of Solar Empire which I have put eleven or so hours into since Tuesday evening. Since I’m feeling a bit under the weather lately more time will be thrown in. That is if I beat this one annoying mission in GTA.

I finished up my second playthrough of Mass Effect. I managed to snag quite a few achievements during my rampage as a renegade. Killed a few main characters all in good fun. Now I need the ally achievements and the weapon/power ones. The ally achievements are a bitch because I have to do most of the quests in multiple playthroughs which will piss me off easily since I haven’t been able to do or find most of them. I’ll probably go to GameFAQs and jack someones strategy guide.

I’m also considering picking up Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga but I am unsure if it will keep me interested or not. Plus I am trying to hold out long enough for Grand Theft Auto IV, Mercenaries 2, Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor, and Sins of a Solar Empire. My money spending mood is getting the best of me even though I want these games. Ugh. They need to come out sooner.