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It’s the weekend before my midterm is due and I feel like crap. Stuffed nose, sore throat, headache, fever, a few aches and pain. It fucking sucks. I popped some meds earlier and continued to work on the midterm. I am pretty sure it is done but I may tweak it a bit as Tuesday gets closer. There isn’t much else I can write for it so I am semi happy with it. My computer science teacher thought it would be an awesome idea to make the last lab of the year due Wednesday so I get to make a four page website. I’ll probably end up doing that Tuesday night.

In other news I have been playing Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars lately. I managed to beat the GDI campaign so far (this is my first time doing the campaigns in the game even though I have had it for a while now). After working on the midterm I started the Nod campaign. Should be interesting.

And as for Grand Theft Auto IV, well I won’t be getting it until Wednesday or Thursday as I could only afford 2-day shipping from Gamestop and the fact I am saving gas by not going to the store. It also lets me have time to do the website as I would end up playing the game all day and forget. Although I am hoping there are no big assignments next weekend as I will be playing all damn day once it arrives. It is going to own so hard.


The meds I took last night are just now kicking in but they aren’t doing the job I wanted. I could take some more but then I risk worse things. Hopefully whatever I took lasts through the day. Luckily I only have two classes today so it is fairly short then I can dick around after. Also, my left index finger hurts like a motherfucker. I have no clue why either.

I’m fucking falling apart.

I wish this cold or these allergies would go away. Ugh.

My weekend is over way too soon. Tomorrow is school, again. Monday is and will be another normal short day with economics in the morning and math in the afternoon. Monday night on the other hand is the return of Heroes which is awesome considering it has been a while since we last saw it. It should be interesting to see what has gone down. Tuesday will be energetic. I start it off with the lamefest called English followed by snoozefest, aka math, but after math, I mean snoozefest, I will be zooming over to some stores. Why will I be “zooming”? Well, a little game called COMPANY OF HEROES: OPPOSING FRONTS is finally out. Shame I have to sit through another class to get home and be able to play it. I might also try to get it before school but I doubt it. Wednesday, meh. Thursday will probably be another long, boring day. And then once Friday comes, my weekend will return again.

I have been feeling a bit under the weather for the last couple of days. Not sure if it is just allergies or what but it sucks. Hopefully I get better by next weekend.

On another note, I added a new graphics card to my computer. I picked up a GeForce 8500GT with 512MB of VRAM. Now, I do realize it is an entry level card for the 8000-series. In the history of owning a computer I have never gone higher. Why? I never have the money for the nice cards or the patience. But it works so I am not complaining. Plus it has capability for DirectX 10 whenever I decided to go Vista.

Lastly, if you are wondering why I haven’t said anything about Halo 3, well, I could really care less at the current moment. Eventually I’ll get it, but not now. Halo 2‘s ending pissed me off that much. I also don’t give a rat’s ass about multiplayer. I’m a single-player person.

It seemed like everything was out to get me today. First I wake up with a killer headache, then the essay question on the economics test blew my mind, and then after school my car went psycho. Let me explain a little more about the car. I was getting on the freeway after leaving the school and started to accelerate. As the car hit 40mph it stopped accelerating and just revved. I freaked the fuck out and immediately pulled to the side of the freeway on-ramp. My eyes scanned the dash and anything that could have messed up. I checked to see if I was in the right gear and I was, but then I remembered about the overdrive button. I pushed it and everything returned to normal. After getting myself back onto the road I continued home without overdrive. Once I got back on my street I turned it back on and it was fine. Apparently I need to replace the transmission oil.

I guess I should do it now.