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Monthly Archives: March 2007

No, they really don’t go together but whatever.

Today, since for the most part I was alone and bored, I watched Children of Men and Blood Diamond. Both good movies but I enjoyed Children of Men a lot more. Amazing movie. I was amazed that they pulled off those sequences with single shots. That took a decent chuck out of my day. The rest of it was filled with browsing the internet, waiting for a fix for crash-happy C&C3, and a little STALKER. For whatever reason STALKER is harder than ever this time around (I started over with the patch) even though I am on the same settings. Fucking brain-scorched zombies. Making my life a living hell.

I really have nothing planned for tomorrow. I would play the Xbox 360, but the main TV took a dump so we are looking into getting a LCD. Then I can finally play the 360 in HD. My parents may also shove me in the yard to do some mowing of lawns and shit. Oh, and there is homework.

Monday needs to happen faster.

Pretty boring day. I got to drive. That is all.

Today was an great day and a sad day all in the same. Since Jen was going on the band spring trip I was going to spend my time with her today. I got to forth period and we got through the brick wall of a substitute. She had to leave early for the band performance at lunch. When lunch came around I headed over to the gym to watch it. The performance was great. One part of the song sounded very familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. After the gig I went over and told her I enjoyed it. She had to go and get everything put away so I let her go about her business so I wouldn’t get in her way. At the end of the day I told her that I’d miss her for the next four days. It will be different these next two school days without her. The light will be a little dimmer but I’ll make the best of it.

When I got home I played some STALKER since C&C3 is being pissy with me. It likes to crash on me so I get to figure out how in the fuck to fix it. Great. Oh, and it is fucking weird to hear the sound of a porn movie playing from the room where my dad and his computer are. I don’t even want to picture what is going on in there. Eww.

I wish that Jen has the best time in San Diego. Have fun! :)

C&C3: Tiberium Wars – Kane Edition is in my hands. My night is complete!


Sweet fuck. Why Battlestar, why!? Why do you do this to me!? You have an awesome season and then end with a mindfuck of a finale for the season not to come back until two thousand and fucking eight!? WHY!?

I hate you 2008 for you are far away.

Home alone. Nothing new about that. How could it be worse? Bored, not much to eat, no money, no car, no license, nothing to do that I haven’t already done to death. Yeah, fun. Oh, and it is hot.

Tomorrow I plan on dedicating it to whatever homework needs to be done, well as soon as I figure out what that is. Then tomorrow night is the season finale of Battlestar Galactica which will probably fuck with my mind and carry over to Monday.

I did try watching that Al Gore movie earlier. It put me to sleep. I also tried to play some MLB 2K7 but my wireless router went screwy. In STALKER I made my way closer to the end of the game, but I ran into some pissed of helicopters and died, repeatedly. Things will get better, right?

Oh what fun t’was this day. Today was the last day of the third quarter at school so we had a minimum day (read short). ~20 minute periods so it went by pretty fast. Thankfully there were no big tests to make me fail. Although I wish some of the moments were a bit longer. After school I ate some McDonald’s and then played more STALKER. The game went from scary and hard to apeshit scary and hard. Holy mother of fuck. Zombies that shoot rifles!? Guys who fuck with your brain!? Gasmask wearing freaks who pounce you!? Jesus fuck. Good thing I got a little better armor but I need more ammo. :(

About two hours ago I went to dinner with the old folks (read parents) at Mel’s. I really do hate going to anywhere with them, asking tons of questions about anything and everything. Ugh. If they only knew the truth (I let them figure things out on their own unless it is really, really important for my well-being). But the time will come soon when I tell them one thing. That should be fun…

And fucking hard. I finally got my hands on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and I have to say it has some of the most tense moments that I’ve experienced. Deep down in underground tunnels running away from tentacle faced monsters is some scary shit. I must ready my shotgun.


I watch a lot of TV. The shows are from many different genres but all have a quality I like. Every so often I am watching something and think that I could come up with some good shows. Well, here are some of my ideas.

My action/drama show idea:

The first “episode” overlooks a special forces operation on a mission to capture and extract a high-profile terrorist from a stronghold in an unspecified desert-set country. First “episode” ends with the terrorist being freed and most of the team being assassinated. Part two of the premiere consists of the two remaining members going rogue to kill the terrorist but being recruited by a mercenary group who complete missions for the highest payers. There they join up with six others who are former special forces members from other countries around the world. The team gets a variety of missions from the manger of the PMC (private military contractor) group which is based in New York. The overall revenge and terrorist arc covers the entire series and each season ends with a breathtaking cliffhanger..

My sci-fi show idea:

It starts off in an epic movie trilogy that shows a cold war erupt into a full blown nuclear world war that is based on an alternate Earth setting. As the trilogy comes to a close in the final chapter, the world is in shatters with the two countries destroyed and a new power emerges. The show covers the span of the new empire against the survivors of the first war. The actual series finale would be in movie form with an epic battle to close the saga.

As sad as it sounds I have actually played out some of the “episodes” in my head. Shame I can’t write very well because some of the stuff rocks, in my opinion. There are other ideas I have, but those are the two big ones. I’ll add more if I want to later today. And if anyone famous finds this and wants to use them, I want some fucking royalties or you will have your ass sued. :)