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Worried about me? Scared because I haven’t posted in two whole days? No? Fuck you. :)

Anyway, I have been busy the last two days. Mainly shopping, for myself. On Friday I bought Sid Meier’s Railroads. The game is fucking addictive. Buying and selling stocks, planning routes, fun shit. Yesterday I got Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Special Edition on DVD to finish off the set, Black for the Xbox (BC on 360 of course), Knights of the Nine (mini-expansion for Oblivion), and a 1GB U3 Flash Drive. The flash drive crashes my computer though for whatever reason, so I get to figure out how to fix it or return it. I check the site for the software and they said I might have a conflict. Later today I hope to find out which program is giving it shit and nuke it.

My end of the year post should be done later tonight, so expect it then. As for my plans for this evening, I have none. I’ll probably be all alone. So if you are cool and all, IM me, send naked pics (girls plz), or something cool.

You’re cool, right?


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