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We get over to my grandparents place at around 2pm and wait for one of my aunts to arrive. I fell asleep because I didn’t feel like being social. When I woke up my aunt was there and we headed to the dining area. My grandpa needed to go to the bathroom (why he didn’t go before hand is beyond me), so I had to lead him there. Five minutes later we get out and head to the table where my dad was setting up the camera because he wanted a bunch of “family” pictures. I avoided every single one even when he used his remote to take them. I said nothing during this super early dinner while everyone else talked. Oh, and what did we eat on this holiday where food is supposed to be vast and yummy, sandwiches. FUCKING SANDWICHES! What the fuck. Worst Christmas “Dinner” ever. So after that bullshit we headed back and opened presents. Let’s see, $20, $20, $20, $50, $50, and a fucking coin. OH BOY! Creative, I know. Someone give me more than that. Fuck. I am turning 18, I deserve better for surviving this torment. But no, I get the long end of the stick as usual. Then my parents play Uno with my grandparents. One game lasted two hours. In that time I had to drown my sorrows with a “few” glasses of alcohol. Hey, I needed it, so fuck off. That didn’t work so I just listened to my iPod until it was time to go. Once we got home my parents argued and I just went off on my own.


One last thing I should say, I will be making a super post in the next few days where I am going to reveal the 5 best things and 5 worst things to happen in 2006 for me. Should make you like/hate me more.


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