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I may be 3-0 in the 2006 for Madden, but barely. I can’t play defense for shit. Luckily my offensive game just goes on all pistons. 500+ passing yards a game, ~100+ rushing yards, 5+ touchdowns, and other insane stats. My passing game is air tight. Throw deep and run for the TD. Works three out of four times. Need to waste the clock? No problem. Rush like a mad man. I just need to work on stopping the opponents running game and preventing stupid penalties which hurt me hard.

As for other happenings, nothing really happened today. Just sat back and relaxed. I managed to finish up Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex season 2. The last six episodes were awesome. You thought something was going to happen but they trick you and something totally different goes into effect. Great shit. Now I got to wait for the Stand Alone Complex movie to get in the States so I can see it.

I am working on getting that end of the year post done. I feel that some things need to be changed because some of my arguements have a few holes in them. Should have it up when I originally planned. Also, I plan on adding some new content pages. Not sure with what quite yet, but expect it to be unexpected.


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