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Well, school was pretty, well, boring. Nothing good happened.

My day:

History – Our teacher made us do a group thing where we have to take a section of a chapter and right down important notes. Me and my friend worked together and I wrote notes. Then our teacher made us present. I was the only one in my group to present.

English – We had a subsitute. Some old lady. We had to get in our project groups to discuss how we will present the thing. One of the members already made the powerpoint but needs the info. We gave it to him. Then me, him, and another guy were talking about games, porn (just for fun :P ), and some other things. The girl who hates me talking about bad things was disturbed by what we said, so she left.

PE – We walked the track. Talked about nothing. Boring.

Science – We watched a video about viruses and shit. Learned about Smallpox and Mad Cow. Nothing much else.

Lunch – Went to the wall. Talked to my people about games and other things. I got stabbed with a pencil. (No, I’m not going into that.) One of my friends wasn’t there though. He hasn’t been at the wall for a few days.

Web Design – Me and my friend messed with our blogs. I added a copyright thing (look at bottom of page). I told him how to fix the colors and some other stuff.

Math – We got our tests back. I got a 30%. Ouch. I hate fucking math. This one girl who I can piss off easily, but doesn’t hate me asked what I got. I told her. She laughed. We always compete about who can get a better grade. I’m losing. The teacher told us that he was dissapointed in our tests. The same usual bullshit. This one guy who sits next to me got another detention slip. He gets one just about everyday. The teacher hates him.

And that’s about it for my school day.


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