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No, they really don’t go together but whatever.

Today, since for the most part I was alone and bored, I watched Children of Men and Blood Diamond. Both good movies but I enjoyed Children of Men a lot more. Amazing movie. I was amazed that they pulled off those sequences with single shots. That took a decent chuck out of my day. The rest of it was filled with browsing the internet, waiting for a fix for crash-happy C&C3, and a little STALKER. For whatever reason STALKER is harder than ever this time around (I started over with the patch) even though I am on the same settings. Fucking brain-scorched zombies. Making my life a living hell.

I really have nothing planned for tomorrow. I would play the Xbox 360, but the main TV took a dump so we are looking into getting a LCD. Then I can finally play the 360 in HD. My parents may also shove me in the yard to do some mowing of lawns and shit. Oh, and there is homework.

Monday needs to happen faster.


One Comment

  1. NO! Monday is DEVIL!!! XP
    I am happy just playing C&C3 and STALKER on Sunday. Curse your evil ideas of faster weekends!

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