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Home alone. Nothing new about that. How could it be worse? Bored, not much to eat, no money, no car, no license, nothing to do that I haven’t already done to death. Yeah, fun. Oh, and it is hot.

Tomorrow I plan on dedicating it to whatever homework needs to be done, well as soon as I figure out what that is. Then tomorrow night is the season finale of Battlestar Galactica which will probably fuck with my mind and carry over to Monday.

I did try watching that Al Gore movie earlier. It put me to sleep. I also tried to play some MLB 2K7 but my wireless router went screwy. In STALKER I made my way closer to the end of the game, but I ran into some pissed of helicopters and died, repeatedly. Things will get better, right?


One Comment

  1. Man you are fast, I am not even close to the end of the game yet…I am just taking my sweet time…and always dying for some reason -_-;

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