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It’s the weekend before my midterm is due and I feel like crap. Stuffed nose, sore throat, headache, fever, a few aches and pain. It fucking sucks. I popped some meds earlier and continued to work on the midterm. I am pretty sure it is done but I may tweak it a bit as Tuesday gets closer. There isn’t much else I can write for it so I am semi happy with it. My computer science teacher thought it would be an awesome idea to make the last lab of the year due Wednesday so I get to make a four page website. I’ll probably end up doing that Tuesday night.

In other news I have been playing Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars lately. I managed to beat the GDI campaign so far (this is my first time doing the campaigns in the game even though I have had it for a while now). After working on the midterm I started the Nod campaign. Should be interesting.

And as for Grand Theft Auto IV, well I won’t be getting it until Wednesday or Thursday as I could only afford 2-day shipping from Gamestop and the fact I am saving gas by not going to the store. It also lets me have time to do the website as I would end up playing the game all day and forget. Although I am hoping there are no big assignments next weekend as I will be playing all damn day once it arrives. It is going to own so hard.


I headed to school as if any other day only to find that my English class had been canceled. What a waste of gas. So what did I do instead? Go to the mall of course! I went to Best Buy and Gamestop and was able to retrieve “the package.” When I left the mall and headed towards the car I called my mom. Turns out she was there too at JCPenneys so I went back in. After the mall I followed her back to town and to the church where our voting place was. After getting the form I headed to the little booth thing. Obama, check. Props, yes, no, no, no, no, no. Done. Handed it in, got my sticker, and headed home. For the rest of the day I played “the package.”

I really need to start that essay. Fuck.