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I am keeping my guard up tonight, this morning, whatever. It is still raining and the news has been talking about creeks in other towns spilling over so I am going to stay up for a few more hours (the rain should be letting off soon) to watch over the street and respond at first sight of anything.

The real point of this post was to explain a change I did for links. Instead of having the small list widget on the sidebar I have decided to make a page for all my links. This way it will be easier to organize and find things. I’ll be adding more over time but I added the basic ones to start with.

That’s about it. Now I need to find something to do.


For whatever reason my mom is worried about the creek going critical again. She heard on the news last night that we should keep an eye on it because of the next storm. So she wants to get sandbags tonight to be safe. For one, sandbags don’t do shit unless you surround the house with them. Secondly, I just got back from checking the creek and it is only about a foot high. She better not jinx it again.