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Not much to talk about today. Just that I killed a guy with a plane by ramming him and surviving the impact to kill another. That’s hardcore.


I woke up and played some Battlefield 1942 after trying to stay awake to watch this thing on the History Channel about oil but I was too damn sleepy. I headed off to school for my computer science class. I swear, the people in the class are fucking retarded and shouldn’t be allowed to take the class. “What is the chip?” “How do I copy this file?” “How do I print?” FOR FUCK SAKES, GET OUT OF THE CLASS! I seriously hope the higher classes have less dumb fucks. During the break I went to the math lab and helped out Sable. Then we headed to class where I slept through another lecture. The teacher is like a fucking drone. Talking in monotone on and on and on. Fuck me. Once school was out I headed home and played some more ’42, then I jacked my brother’s Battlefield 2 and installed it.

Yep, shit gonna be shot real good.

Today was spend playing Mount&Blade, seeing RAMBO, and reinstalling Battlefield 1942. Yep. I killed and saw people get killed. Damn good day in my eyes.

Tomorrow is the second week of school this semester. Here’s hoping for an easy day, although math may put me to sleep again.