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This morning I watched the early online broadcast of Battlestar Galactica and after I went down to get ready to head out for class. I noticed that the new TV Guide came so I flipped through it and noticed a tidbit about Battlestar. Naturally I read it and dread fell upon me. They teased my senses by saying the crew count falls by one and mentioned a name in the summary. I was caught off guard and ran back upstairs to load up a Wiki site that covers the show. The page for the next episode loaded up and the text that was there was hidden to protect people from spoilers. I checked and it was what I feared. I have been fearing the loss of this character many times in the past. Now it seems like it will come true and the preview scenes for next week back it up. I will be down until next Friday.

RDM, you win. You have me by the neck.


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