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The last two nights have been the worst in the string of these waking nights and dreams by the truck load. It won’t go away, no matter what I do to try and rid myself of these thoughts. I have used advice from many people, have tried various methods to sleep easier but none have worked. Anytime I fall asleep I find myself trapped in some dream of impossibilities. Some completely unreal, others too close to reality. Some have a common theme, others too random to figure out. Friends are enemies, enemies are friends. It boggles the mind to think about. I am finding it impossible for me to clear my mind before bed with everything that has been going on lately. With every night that passes the more I want to just leave and go somewhere else in hope of clearing my mind and starting over, but then I realize that I am trapped where I am for some time without an exit. My days become nothing but repetition leading to boredom and depression. School. Home. Dread.

Where has my life gone and how do I get it back?


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  1. This is a sad post. Don’t worry, everything will get better soon :) It is almost summer! That is great news! :)

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