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I had quite the dream this morning. Apparently I arrived in France on an Amtrak train (how does that work?) and after jumping from the train I drove off to meet someone. I got to their place after navigating row after row of houses and narrow streets to arrive. We started making sugar or something and for whatever reason I left and kept driving as he was gone. I got to another house and walked in to the bathroom. Something caught my eye and I started to take a few steps back. I caught a view of a bare girl butt. I go back a little more and see that it is some asian chick sexing a black guy. They look at me sort of freaked out. The asian gets off the bed and walks towards the door. She slams it shut and I say something stupid. Then I hear the guy get on the phone, probably to the police. I run towards the door to get out of the house but am magically stuck. End dream.

Seriously, what the fuck?


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  1. try not to think too much about it, it is just a dream ;)

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