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When I first saw this girl she was working at a casino. She caught my eye unlike any other woman has before. I was instantly attracted to her. Her curves sent my mind into bliss. She was like an angel.

One day I followed her around. I kept my distance so I wouldn’t spook her. She was driving a brightly colored SUV. Impossible to miss. As we both drove down the street I couldn’t take my mind off her. I was on a mission. A mission to be with her. I wanted to feel beyond anything I have before.

She stopped at a store. I followed her in while maintaining distance. Her sleek, curved body slithered through the crowds as she went to get whatever she was after. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She went to a dressing room which gave me the signal to stop where I was.

Minutes went by as a waited. “Where did she go?” I thought. I wanted to see her. I was dying to see her. Then she came out.

The tight black corset made her heavenly curves even more lustrous. Fish net covering her silky legs accompanied the corset in increasing the bulge in my pants. I couldn’t contain my affection. I was madly in love. Then she turned around to expose the thong. I was on Cloud Nine.

I managed to regain control of my senses as she went back into the dressing room. Another few minutes went by and she was back in her normal attire. She purchased the alluring lingerie and headed towards the exit. I again returned to my pursuit status.

Passing street by street my mind was on her. She was everything I wanted. Perfect. I wanted her. No one else is deserving of her.

She turned on to a street on the edge of town and I weaved my car through traffic to keep up. A few houses down she pulled her SUV into a driveway. I drove past to not raise suspicion and parked half a block away. As I got out I looked back down towards her house to see if she noticed. Luckily I managed to not raise a hair. I walked across the street and headed down to her place.

As I snuck through her bushes I heard her on the phone. The soothing voice aroused my senses as I listened in through the open window. She was talking to a friend about waiting for her blind date to show up. I stopped. My mind raced. “Who was this other person?” I had to find out. She was mine. I wouldn’t let anyone get close. I heard that he would be coming by tomorrow around the same time. It was time to plan.

At home I planned how I would remove this man from ever meeting my angel. That night I couldn’t sleep. My mind was on her. I was determined to have her fall in my arms. For me to be with her for the rest of time. I had to do this.

The next day I drove out near her place waiting for any sign of this “blind date.” An hour or two went by before I saw a car turn the corner to the street my angel was on. This car didn’t match any of them ones I noticed parked here before. My eyes stayed glued to it. I started my engine and slowly drove towards this mystery car. As I got closer the car pulled to the curb in front of her house. My heart raced. I sped up to the speed limit for the street and pulled into the closest driveway. He wouldn’t know who lives here so I was in the clear. I had to do this. I had to keep him away.

I threw the car in park and hopped out. The “blind date” was getting out of his car as I got on the sidewalk heading towards him. To prevent spooking him I kept a normal face but the pressure inside was making it hard. He opened the back door of his car to grab something. “What was it?” I thought. My mind was racing as he pulled out a bouquet of roses and closed the door to his car. He turned and started walking towards her house. I had to stop him.

“Hi,” I uttered out in despair.

He turned and replied, “Oh. Hello.”

I had his attention and fired back a question. “Looking for someone?”

“Uh, yes actually. Is this…” My mind blocked out him saying her wonderful name. I would not have it tainted. “…’s house?”

Considering he probably wasn’t familiar with this part of town and the people who lived her I quickly voiced out, “I’m sorry but they obviously gave you the wrong address. An old couple lives in that house. No one under that name lives here.”

He pulled something out of this pocket. A piece of paper. The flowers in his hand now pointed downward and he glared at the paper to see if he made a mistake. He looked back up and retorted, “But I was told that this was the address. Are you sure she doesn’t live here”

He was annoying me now. I pointed at my car and said, “Buddy, I live here. I should know who lives around me. Somebody is yanking your chain.”

A grave look came over his face as the words manifested themselves inside his head. He replied saying he was sorry for the trouble. He turned around and headed back to his car. As he threw the flowers inside he mumbled the words that sent me over the edge.

“Fucking bitch.”

My mind exploded into anger. I turned around to hide the devilish thoughts rushing through my body. I walked slowly back to my car as he drove off. As soon as he turned the corner I jumped in and roared the engines. He was not getting away from me now. He has defiled my heavenly love.

I threw the car in reverse and zipped the car around and floored it to catch up to him. My hands gripped the steering wheel and my foot was planted on the pedal as if it was lead. I spun the car around the corner and my eyes locked on to his car down the road. I hauled ass through traffic until I was a few car lengths behind. He turned on another road that goes by an orchard. This was my chance. I followed and looked around to make sure no one was watching. No one was going to see this. “Excellent,” I thought.

I put all my weight on the accelerator and sent my vehicle on a hellish rampage towards him. As I closed in to within about one car length I pulled along side him. By now he was aware and as I came up to the driver’s side window I could see the fear in his eyes. It was time. I swerved in front of him. He desperately tried to turn and avoid me. He failed.

I couldn’t hear it over the roar of my engine but I noticed the smoke in my mirror. I slammed on my breaks and stopped the car. It was quiet as I got out of the car. Nothing but the slight breeze. His car had smashed into a tree in the orchard as he tried to avoid me. The front in split with the trunk of damaged tree in the middle. The windows shattered. As I approached I could see the remnants of the “blind date” behind the now dark red airbag. The engine had crashed through the dashboard and crushed him. I had accomplished in getting revenge for his hateful words towards my love, but then a shimmer caught my eye.

It was the bouquet of roses he brought with him. They were still in perfect condition. I reached in and grabbed them. My eyes took in the colors. The thought of love raced through my mind. Then it hit me. She was expecting the blind date at this time!

I raced back to the car-roses in hand-and turned the car around to head back. Joy raced through my veins as this was the chance to have her.

Flying through traffic I made it to her house in record time. I got out of the car with the roses and headed for her door.


This was the moment of a lifetime. I wanted it to be perfect.


I need to control myself. It was almost too much to bear.


The sound of the locks being turned caught my ears. Then the doorknob began to twist. This was it.

“Hey.” Her beautiful voice echoed as if a sensual orgasm for my ears.

“Hi. I’m…,” I started to say as I brought up the flowers. “…your blind date.”

As she noticed the roses her face blushed. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Then she replied, “I’m…” Her pulchritudinous name rang in my ears. It was wondrous.

I handed her the flowers and said, “These are for you my dear.”

A glisten came to her eyes and she accepted the roses and replied, “Thank you. Come on in.”

I followed her gesture and walked in as she closed the door.

The night was grand. Unlike anything I imagined. Heaven had come down to Earth. When the night ended I was feeling high and mighty. I kissed her goodbye and headed home.

The next evening I headed over. When I arrived she came to greet me and we got in the car. She wanted to head out to dinner so we drove down a steakhouse and had a great time. The entire dinner I had my eyes glued on her goddess-like beauty. She was amazing. After eating she was feeling a bit tired so I drove her home. I wished her a goodnight and dropped her off with a kiss. I felt like a prince.

Over the next few days I waited and waited for her to call. Nothing. I called her and she asked me to pick her up. I brought my chariot over and we headed to dinner once again. Another good evening, but again she grew tired after and once again I took her home with nothing much to get in return.

After the third occurrence my dreams felt shattered. How could such a beautiful being not want to be with her prince? I fell into depression, not wanting to continue the repetitive act. I did so much to be with her and now I was torn. Risked so much and this is all I get. No. It can’t be.

The next week I head over and pick her up. As we drove to dinner-again-she kept talking about things. I was getting annoyed but I hid it behind my mask of deception. I was on the breaking point. She kept talking. I knew the cycle would continue. I couldn’t let that happen. I had been pulled in to the lion’s den. She was a siren. Created to deceive. To pull in stray men and use them to no end. I would end this. I broke the routine.

Unknown to her I took a back road in to the countryside. She turned to question me.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you somewhere new.”

“But I liked the usual place.”

Then I took the dirt road. As she looked through the windshield I could see the worried look in her eye. She was in my trap now.

“Seriously, where are we going?”

I stopped the car and got out. She sat in her seat confused for a few moments and then got out. I walked to the front of the car looking at the horizon as she got along side me. She turned towards me as I turned to face her. I reached around to my jacket pocket and pulled out a pistol. She gave me a horrified look as I aimed the gun at her head.

The echo rang throughout the countryside.

Her limp body fell to the ground. The cycle was over. The siren had been slain.

As I looked over the body I could feel a vibration in my other pocket. My cellphone. I pulled it out and answered.


“What the Hell is taking so long to get that keycard!?”

That’s when it hit me. I was still stuck in a cycle. I had just beaten another mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


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  1. Very awesome :D

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