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It’s Super Tuesday which means I get to vote for the first time ever. After I finishing zoning out in English I will be heading back to town and meeting with my mom to vote. Obama will be getting my vote. How could you not like this guy? As for the props, I don’t give two shits. I don’t care about Indians and their fucking casinos. After voting I will be heading to the stores trying to locate “the package.” You’ll know if I get it or not.

I also need to start my four page essay sometime soon since it is due Thursday. Hopefully I can pull myself away from “the package” long enough to bullshit my way through it. On another note, I still have yet to get my 360 back and it is pissing me off.


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  1. You are a silly boy! I am glad you got to vote today tho! I didn’t know where my polling place was so I didn’t get to :(

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