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The day started normally this morning until about 10am when the power suddenly turned off. It surged about three times before going away completely. Bored out of my mind I took a nap for about 45 minutes or so. The power eventually came on a little before 12pm. Once everything was back to normal I went ahead with my day. Since my computer was busy backing up files to my external drive I decided to watch a DVD. I threw in The Kingdom which has been begging for my attention. Good movie. The last thirty minutes were pretty thrilling. After the movie I went up to check on the status of the backup and it still wasn’t done, so I went back down and tossed in Battlestar Galactica: Razor because I never got around to watching the unrated DVD version. The scenes left out of the TV version were pretty neat and set up some cool background information on a few characters. Once that was over my backup was pretty much done. I went on with my day until dinner where we headed our for Mexican food. Back at home I watched some stuff on the National Geographic Channel (or what they are now calling it, NatGeo). Now I’m the usual stuff before bed.



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