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Even though I lost every game prior I managed to pull it together and (barely) make it through the Wild Card elimination of the ShackLeague. The first half was total domination by the Sacramento Annihilators. By halftime it was 28-6. Nashville, my opposition, threw interceptions throughout. But by the second half the tides turned in favor of the Werewolves. I threw a few interceptions. It seemed as if the curse was back. I managed to slow the comeback down a bit. Fourth quarter, everything on the line. I charge their offense to stop them from tying. INTERCEPTION! My offense comes out and gives it their all. I stomp the grounds as I take their air flight all the way down the field to score. I felt safe with a 14 point lead. Then the Werewolves managed to get a miracle play together and rush the field for a TD. They went for the onside. I grab it out of the air and burn the clock. Victory is mine. I know head to Long Beach where it matters. Big team and big consequences. The winner moves into the Divisional Championship. Then it is to the Shack Lime Bowl.

Everything is on the line. The Sacramento Annihilators won’t go down without a fight.


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