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I came out of the maze of tubes and found myself in another mesh chamber. Down the path was a collection of padded obstacles. Charging at full speed through the mindless mass led me to an intersection of meshed paths. The foot steps of the one I was chasing came from the right. My sense locked on the sound and I continued my pursuit. The path was leading me through chamber after chamber until I saw him. There he was, directly in front of me, on the other side of the brightly colored meshed room. There was only one problem. In the middle of this forbidding chamber was a trench of great proportions. The target gave me a smirk as if I would never catch him. The situation constructed itself in my mind. “I can do this” repeated itself as I launched myself towards the void in the floor. As my right foot reached the edge, my mind minded me to push off and propel myself across the apparent pit. Just then it all came apart. The launching foot slipped off the edge. Gravity took me down as I fell into the trap. A thunderous clank rattled my ears as a chain reaction disrupted my pain receptors. Gravity wasn’t finished with me just yet. The ground came upon me as if I fell from the sky. The impact was meager compared to the brutal, bone rattling, first strike. Shaken, I picked up my bruised ego and carried on with the chase. As I exited the maze of pain, I noticed my runner waiting. His eyes glazed as if he was a deer in a car’s headlights. Then a glisten, his face transformed. A burst of tears accompanied with a scream that sent everyone into a questioning mode. The mob of parents and their kin rushed over. My mom emerges from the crowd. She looked at me and glazed over just like my escapee. Then a cold feeling gathered on the back of my neck. I motioned my hand to the area in question. It was liquid. Confused I quickly pull my hand forward. The crimson liquid was all over my hand. My mind computed this information and an outburst of shock erupted. I was rushed out of the so called “fun zone.” Hours later the daze and confusion wore off. I was home after a day that started with a birthday party and ended with cracking my head open. One thing stuck out from that experience. Before the discovery of blood when I got out of that dreaded maze, I noticed a sign that said, “NO RUNNING!” Oops.


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