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I was over at the DMV earlier today to transfer ownership over to myself on my car when I was reminded that I could order my custom plate. My plan is to use my username as the plate number so I filled out the form. The lady looks at it after I hand it over and asks me what the fuck it means. Now it is a super big secret since I want everyone to be confused in the first place. Anyway, after I made some bullshit about what it means she told me that the SX part can be confused with SEX. Now, that is not what I had in mind when making the screen name, so they must have a dirty mind. So I had to do a little more clarification to get her to accept it. With that taken care of it is off to the state to decided if I get my super sexy custom plate. They better accept it, I gave them $41!

On another note, I sold a bunch of my old PS2 and Xbox games. Sadly I only made $40.


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