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It seemed like everything was out to get me today. First I wake up with a killer headache, then the essay question on the economics test blew my mind, and then after school my car went psycho. Let me explain a little more about the car. I was getting on the freeway after leaving the school and started to accelerate. As the car hit 40mph it stopped accelerating and just revved. I freaked the fuck out and immediately pulled to the side of the freeway on-ramp. My eyes scanned the dash and anything that could have messed up. I checked to see if I was in the right gear and I was, but then I remembered about the overdrive button. I pushed it and everything returned to normal. After getting myself back onto the road I continued home without overdrive. Once I got back on my street I turned it back on and it was fine. Apparently I need to replace the transmission oil.

I guess I should do it now.


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