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Ever since school started it has been crazy. I am always out of the house and most of that time is towards school, sadly. I don’t mind Monday’s and Wednesday’s, yet. They are short and I can deal with them pretty easily and it leaves a good deal of time left in the day to do things. Although that will change come November when I have some writing lab to do which is pretty bullshit. Then I will have to stay until 3:30 or something instead of my normal 1:05. My ultra long Tuesday’s and Thursday’s will stay the same, just a little more packed in the breaks with both writing and math labs. I’m hoping to finish the math lab hours before the writing lab starts but I haven’t cared to go in yet to do my hours. I’m going to try to put two hours in tomorrow during my breaks to get last week’s done along with this week’s. Hopefully I can do it without wanting to kill myself. I hate math and I barely want to do it at home. Other than those things it is going somewhat smoothly for me.

Going along with the thought of school in mind, I have seen differences in people since started. Little changes gradually growing. It’s interesting.

Maybe I’m too observant.


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  1. Do you live off campus? I do, and it’s a big hassle for me. I rely on public transport though. I started today also, except I’m at an art school (YAY! No math! …yet.) and my schedule lets me come home every once in a while to cook and switch what I need in my portfolio to go to class, then rush to catch a bus.

    But other than that, I know what you mean about being out of the house.

    As for changes, I go to a school where no one from my old haunts have decided to go to, but even so, I can see the changes too. People feel more independent and free of rule. Such a positive atmosphere. I think it’s making us more responsible in a way, more adult like. We don’t depend as much on other people, and can express our own ideas and such.

    And don’t stress the math. Worst comes to worst, find a cute upper-class man to tutor you, y’know? ;D

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