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So 2day i was like totally playing with my hair yeah and uh i totally got it in a knot and uh like it was totally hurting my head lols and then i like totally like pulled like it all out and it totally like hurt and stuff then i like totally ran to the fridge and like pulled out uh like ice pack thing and like put it on my head and then i uh like totally had brain like freeze then i like made like some soup like i think it was totally chicken like but then i noticed it was really like veggie stuff and like it totally tasted gross then i like watched some totally awesome tv and like painted my nails and like watched lohan shake her booty on the like tv and it totally made my day lols

totally like <3s you all and stuff like totally lols

so 2day i was like totally going 2 water some like plants and stuff and then this like yellow and like totally black thing came @ me n like totally tried 2 attack me so i like tried running away but it was like totally fast n like i totally had no where to go n was like hella scared and stuff lolz so i like ran around a corner n like my flops fell off n i was like totally bummed because those were my fav pink flops n they like totally costed a bazillion dollas so i like went back but i was still hella scared n stuff and like ran like a big cat lolz so then like the yellow thing came totally at me and i like swung my newly painted nails at it and it like totally got mad n stuff so i kept doing it n like it totally got hit by my pinky and like fell n then i totally like smashed it with a really big rock lolz n then i went back for my totally rad pink flops when i noticed that i totally like broke a nail n like it was a total bum n i kinda cried n stuff it like totally sucked but then i like totally remembered i had like a new pair n yeah n like i totally went home 2 put them on n like it totally is awesome now lolz n now i am like totally gonna take a shower so like totally dont think of me nakid like totally lolz

n i like totally <33333333z u all lolz

I was really, really, really bored.


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