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The last two days I have been out of the house most of the time. Yesterday I went to a few stores with my mom and then we headed to a family friend’s house where we stayed until late at night. And today? Same thing. They are leaving early tomorrow morning and I have been tasked with watering their garden. I already go paid $100 to do it which I will save towards the laptop for Circuit City that I want. I also made another $100 by helping another friend move stuff between two houses. This is about the most activity I have had since graduating. Kind of sad to think about it that way though. It also sucks that we start college in 13 days, but us ’88 kids have to stick together.

I also got chance to check out how the car is turning out. Today my friend’s dad was working on it when we came over to check it out. The car works and now he just has to reinstall the dash and finish a few other things and it will be mine. On my end I have to get it registered and stuff along with the custom plate I want. Should be fun.


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