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My brother seems he is the almighty and can win anything and everything. I just got back from going to the store with the family and he was talking shit like usual. My mom wanted someone to wash the cars tomorrow and he instantly says “not me.” Oh, go figure. I washed one of the cars last time so my dad says that we each get to wash one. He complains with the following argument: “But I have a job!” Yeah, no one cares. Even if you have a job doesn’t mean that you can get out of doing stuff at home fucker. It doesn’t make you almighty and above everyone else. He always uses the argument to make me feel bad. How the fuck does that make him special? So I don’t have a job, I don’t care. I get free days to do what I want when I want.

That isn’t all though. As we got closer to home he was talking shit to me because I told him that even if he has a job it doesn’t matter. So then he says something on the line of “my friend’s can kick your friend’s asses.” Oh no! So I replied with, “well my friend’s can run your friend’s over.” I feel like I instantly win that argument


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